Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Truly Vintage Valentine Tag

Today I Created | A truly vintage Valentine Tag

For this tag I used several vintage pieces. My favorite piece is the actual Valentine card given to me by my "boyfriend" in fourth grade. It was extra special because, printed on the card, it said "I love you" and to a nine year old girl that meant true love. At one point I had used cellophane tape to hold this card in one of my first scrapbooks. You can see the discoloration on her feet.

Behind the card I used bits of my daisy lace that I bought at a garage sale. The old red and white sticker is something that I had in my stash. The button is a recent find from an estate sale. The only pieces that are new are the ribbons and the black cardstock.

This is linked to Kard Krazy.


  1. How cute is that and the extra's you added to it make it even more special. ~~Sherry~~

  2. You kept a valentine from the fourth grade...and I thought that I kept too much win!
    This is so cute and truly vintage!

  3. Oh How sweet!! I wish I had kept some of my old Valentines, Who would have thought. Love the story behind yours as well. Just darling!

  4. That Tag is so cute.. I love that image.

  5. Wow -- love that you used a valentine from the 4th grade. Can imagine what it meant. Very sweet!


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