Monday, December 22, 2014

Ornament Exchange - Dream Catcher

This is the fourth year that my sister and I are exchanging handmade themed ornaments. Here are some of the past ornaments that I have made. Book, Paper Clock and Cotton China. Beginning from the Paper Clock, we started the themes based on the wedding anniversary gift suggestion. The first year being either Paper {traditional gift} or Clock {modern}. I like to create the ornaments using both themes.

This is the third year {again, not counting the first Book ornament} so the anniversary gift suggestion is  Leather {traditional} or Crystal {modern}. We also added a twist this year because we both bought old player piano rolls while thrifting in Las Vegas recently so we agreed to add the piano roll paper to this year's ornament.
I made a Dream Catcher ornament.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Designing My First Putz House

I have been fascinated with Putz Houses ever since I found my first vintage ones here. Somewhere, in the stack of crafting to-do ideas, was the desire to create my own unique Putz Houses.

I finally decided to design a Putz Cabin as a gift.
I started with a base cut from the plastic packaging of a Sizzix Alterations stamp and die set. It was sturdy yet light. I cut the house frame from thick cardstock.

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