Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bucket Lists and Wish Lists

I love horses. One thing on my Bucket List was to learn to ride a horse. I rode for a few years until I fell off {my fault: my instructor said something, I said "What?", the horse heard "Whoa", the horse whoa-d and off I went over the shoulder but didn't get hurt.} So I don't need to ride anymore but I still love horses.

And one of the many things on my Thrifting Wish List is Trophies. I like old engraved trophies. I also look for award ribbons. So imagine my joy when I found a 1955 award ribbon for a Horse Show. Cool right? But it gets better. The ribbon is for "Victor McLaglen Light Horse "A" Troop Horse Show". Victor McLaglen was an Oscar-winning English-born actor who starred alongside such big Hollywood names as John Wayne and Shirley Temple. He even has his handprints in the cement outside of  Grauman's Chinese Theatre. He later went on to form a semi-militaristic Light Horse Brigade here in California. This is an horse show ribbon from a 1955 event. Oh-so-cool!
Other fun finds this weekend was a nice Town and Country Pyrex Cinderella bowl. 
A pair of Danish Modern salad serving tools.
And some vintage, real glass glitter and decorative bits.
Learning about history is one of the thrills I get from Thrifting. It is so much fun to find treasures on my Thrifting Wish List. All of this is what keeps me going especially at 5:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning.

I even went to a local Button Show to get a little education on the value of various buttons. So much to learn, so little time. Hope everyone had a great day of Thrifting.
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