Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thrifting Some Local History

What a fun day of thrifting. I ran into one of my friends at the very first sale so we got to run to a few garage sales together.

My first favorite unique find was this radiator water bag. I've never seen one of these for sale before. Can't you just imagine someone buying this at Jimana Inn in Arizona and driving to California back in the days when you had to worry about your radiator overheating?
I found this old image of the Jimana Inn in Arizona. I love studying the history behind thrifted objects.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Holiday Thrifting in August

I just want to say that my Dear Handyman is the best friend and best sport that I could ever imagine. He  got up with me at 4 a.m. today and drove two hours to an estate sale to hunt for some amazing treasures. We don't normally go that far but the sale just sounded so great.

So here are the rewards we got for being two of the first few people in line at the sale.

For Christmas, I found seven vintage Bottle Brush trees. They are decorated in the most fantastic ways. All have Mercury glass beads but some have jewelry, fruit, pinecones or Santa faces. They are awesome.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Busy Day for Treasure Hunting

It has been a busy weekend for us. I only got a little bit of thrifting done between freelancing and  helping Dear Handyman.

My favorite find was this totally retro, MidCentury Modern, Brookpark, Melmac Sugar Bowl and Creamer. I love the aqua and black colors and the modern shape.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Designer Craft Connection - August

Welcome to the Designer Craft Connection Blog Hop for August. This month's theme is designing with school supplies. This was an exciting challenge because I happened to have a lot of vintage school supplies gathered from my thrifting adventures.

My favorite school supply that I collect are old wooden rulers. They look so lovely as they age and are quite varied in their appearance. I began with the idea of covering a lamp shade with rulers but with a bit of luck at my local Goodwill my project became more unique. I began with 24 vintage rulers and a boxy, pink polka dotted lamp {sorry there are no "before" photos} then using hot glue, I attached the rulers to the sides.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Thrill of the Hunt and Other Perks

Today's thrifting adventure had a slightly different start. Dear Handyman was working at a house where we had gone to an estate sale a few weeks back. At the sale, he got to talking with the family and they hired him to do the remodeling of the house. So since he had to be there early I found a couple of sales nearby.

The first estate sale was expensive and had nothing that I wanted or could afford. The best part was that while we were standing in line we started talking with a woman who wants to hire me to design her logo. A nice perk for standing in line and meeting people.

I dropped off Dear Handyman to work and went on to the next sale. This is where I not only found some good treasures but also got everything at a really great price.

My favorite find was a bag full of vintage plastic reindeer. They need to be cleaned up a bit because they have a little glitter on them.

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