Saturday, June 29, 2013

Back to the Joy of Thrifting

June has been an extremely busy month for me. Two racing events {and podium finishes} for my son, a new motorhome and truck for Dear Handyman and I designed and completed two very large and exciting projects at work. Which explains why I haven't had a chance to get to any garage/estate sales for almost the entire month. But today was my opportunity to get back to the joy of thrifting.

My favorite find was this set of mid-century modern ice bucket and barware glasses by Russel Wright. I love the colors and it just looks so retro.
We also found another vintage desk lamp. I love the industrial look of these lamps.
A set of His and Hers storage cases...
A vintage 1960s world globe:
Another 100% wool blanket:
Cool old steam punk 1927 Big Ben clock:
Lots of old rulers:
Various Smalls including an 8mm file reel called "Training the RAF", another box of Sparklers, old hat pins still in their packaging and an old squished penny from Pearl Harbor.
The last thing we found is perhaps the funniest thing I've seen in a while. It is a measuring tape that says "Pocket tape for estimating live weight of cow." It has directions to wrap the tape measure around a cow and the measurement will tell you an estimate of the cow's weight. I'm not sure how handy this will be but if I ever come across a cow and need to estimate its weight then I will have this as a resource. If anyone has access to cows, can you tell me if they are docile enough to wrap a tape measure around them?
So this was my extremely fun day getting back to thrifting. I plan to spend some time getting most of these items into my Stuff to Treasure store so please stop by and see what's new in a few days.

Hope everyone had a great day of thrifting.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Designers Craft Connection - Blog Hop June

Welcome to the Designers Craft Connection Blog Hop for the month of June. This month's theme is Happiness is Handmade. I decided to make something special to celebrate Father's Day and of course it was handmade.

My project is a party banner made from neckties and dress shirts. I happened to find some nice neckties in a gray/blue theme so I went to my Goodwill and bought two blue men's dress shirts {half-price day!}.

I cut 7 inches off both ends of the neckties to use as parts of this banner. I cut the pockets off of the dress shirts and 7 inches of the shirt cuffs to include as flags. This would be extra cute if you had a large selection of inexpensive neckties but I only had three so I had to be thrifty.
I used thrifted bias tape as the string, folded about an inch of each item over the string and attached by sewing. It would also be cute to place Father's Day cards or maybe a gift card for dad in the pockets.
There is still plenty of time to gather up lots of inexpensive neckties and shirts at garage sales to make your own banners.

Hope you enjoyed this Handmade Happiness idea for fathers everywhere. Please use the DCC button on the right column to continue through the Blog Hop and enjoy the amazing talents of the many creative designers that are part of this group.
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