Saturday, September 29, 2012

Garage Sales Using iPhone Navigation

I finally took the time to learn how to make my iPhone give me verbal map directions. LOVE IT! I'm pretty sure it can do a lot more amazing things with these maps but I'm happy for now.

My favorite find were these old souvenir pennants from Paris, France. They are two-sided with a colorful image of the Eiffel Tower on the opposite side.
My other favorite find was this vintage TV-shaped, snow globe, salt & pepper shaker featuring a gnome. It caught my eye because it was a Christmas themed snow globe but then I noticed that it was a salt and pepper shaker. And after I got it home, I noticed that it was shaped like a television set.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tiny Tiered Tart Pan Tidbit Tray

The name of this post is a bit of a tongue twister.

I like tiered tidbit trays. They make me feel like a party is about to happen even when used as an everyday organizer. I decided to create a variation of a tidbit tray when I found some tiny tart pans at an estate sale recently. The largest tart pan is only 3 3/4" across.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Office Decorating Update - Button Magnets

I have been slowly adding more repurposed vintage items to my office at work. First I created my non-corporate nameplate using Scrabble tiles and an old ruler. Then I repurposed a painter's dropcloth as a backdrop to my cubicle walls and added rosette clips here. And then I repurposed a vintage doll suitcase as my inbox.

Recently I started using a vintage metal child's chalkboard desk as a bulletin board in my office. Here is what it looked like originally. I am using just the desktop part as the magntic board but it needed some special magnets.

I searched through my button stash and used almost all of the aqua buttons for this project. I glued them into stacks of either two or three button high and then onto magnets. I can also use them for the office Bingo game.
This project was so simple and it just brightens up my office wall.

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Almost Too Hot to Thrift

We are experiencing a heat wave here in Southern California. It is almost, but not quite, too hot to go  thrifting. I hit a few sales early this morning and then it just got too hot to keep going.

Even with this heat I was able to find a true treasure. My favorite find is this silver plated trophy. It was awarded to the Seal Beach Grammar School at the Huntington Beach Armistice Day Parade. I believe this dates to about the late 1920s. It has such a lovely patina. I have been hoping to find an old trophy for quite some time.
I also found an interesting anatomy book from 1919...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Thrifting on a Budget

NOTE: I have begun truncating my blog posts because of content theft. I hope my readers will understand that it is just a matter of clicking the {READ MORE} button at the bottom of each post to see the complete blog post.

So once again Dear Handyman couldn't join me in my thrifting adventures so I {sort of} promised him that I would not spend more than $20. I wasn't sure if I could keep that promise but I am quite proud to say that I spent much less and still found some wonderful treasures.

My favorite find of the day was a jar of buttons. The jar wasn't very big but it did contain a large percentage of Bakelite, glass and unique shaped buttons.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Designers Craft Connection Blog Hop - September

Welcome to the Designers Craft Connection Blog Hop for September. "Vintage Showcase" is the theme this month with the idea to create something that celebrates all things vintage. Normally I would select something vintage and create something from it or repurpose it into something else. But I thought I would do something totally different this time.
I created a purse {above} that was inspired by an old radiator water bag I found at a garage sale. Below is the inspiration piece.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

What? This old thing? Nah, had it for years...

Okay, everyone act natural...

Dear Handyman couldn't join me today so I had to go out treasure hunting on my own. The last time I did that I came home with an industrial scale. So if we all agree to act natural as if there is nothing new or unusual then maybe he won't notice what I found today.

She is an old French dress form. And it was a choice between her and a large cubby hole display shelf that I really didn't have room for anyway. At least she takes up less space and I've always wanted one and she was a good price and, well, I had a tough week... Well, maybe Dear Handyman won't even notice her or ask any questions. Ahh, but don't you just love her?

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