Saturday, July 21, 2012

Unusually Inconsiderate Sellers

I experienced two odd situations today while out thrifting. It made me understand why some thrifters are rude and inconsiderate.

We arrived at the first sale early while the people were still setting up. I politely asked if they were open yet and the seller replied that they weren't ready yet. I went back to wait in my car. Meanwhile some other buyers walked up and started rummaging through some boxes and started grabbing what they wanted. The sellers did not stop them. I hurried back to the sale but the few choice pieces were already taken.

The second situation was even odder. We arrived at the next sale and there was a buyer already making a pile of items to purchase. The seller was still pulling out boxes and allowing the other buyer to go through them before she unpacked them. I asked if I could go through the boxes and she said that she would unpack them so I waited. Then her husband took the other buyer into the garage to show him more stuff which caused her to completely stop unpacking. I asked if I could see what else she had in the boxes and she said that she "didn't want to unpack anything else because her husband was going to go put up signs". I failed to see the logic in that statement so I just stood there waiting and she just stood there doing nothing. Now I assume that she wanted to give the other buyer first pick of everything that she had. Maybe I should have been more pushy and just started going through the boxes like the first buyer had.

I am way too polite so I missed out on some cool stuff. But I once read a quote that went something like this: "Would the child that you were, be proud of the grownup that you are?" I may not have gotten the best stuff today but at least I know that my polite behavior was correct.

So on to the treasures that I did find...

My favorite find was this beautiful aqua or turquoise glass Tiered Tidbit Stand. I'm not sure of the manufacturer but it has dots similar to Fenton Hobnail glass. It is in the most lovely teal/aqua/turquoise glass color.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Thrifting Therapy

I finally had a chance to catch up on some thrifting. Last weekend I had my own garage sale. It was interesting to experience the garage sale from the selling side. The week before that I could only do a local sale. And the weekend before that was my son's driving event. I was in desperate need of some Thrifting Therapy!

We went to several sales today. One sale was a hoarder's house... and yard and outbuildings and garages and storage unit. Large property + Hoarder = Disaster. This was the second day of the second sale. There must have been a previous sale of just the house contents several weeks ago. The house was still full of stuff.

My favorite find was this little red vintage travel train case. It is in really nice condition and I love the color. It even has an old sticker from United Airlines.

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