Saturday, January 15, 2011

Four Estate Sales

I was on my own today so I was able to race through four estate sales. At one, I was one of the first people in. Another, I was one of the last people in. And the other two were just crowded but I had a lot of fun and found some nice treasures.

My absolute favorite find is this cocktail shaker. I just love the retro look. The rooster is such a great design element but there are also drink recipes on all sides. Love it!

Here is a closeup of the Rooster. What a great illustration.

At this same sale I found a jar of buttons. I like using vintage buttons in my projects so I knew I could use them. It was a little more than I wanted to pay but I liked the jar as well.

The next sale had very reasonable prices so it balanced out the cost of the buttons.
I found a Polaroid camera which was just too inexpensive to pass up.

I found this cute vintage box filled with old wooden spools and cardboard bobbins. I liked the box as much as I liked the spools.

I also found several books of sheet music and an old book with a beautiful Art Nouveau cover.

At the third sale I found some adorable baby ephemera. Most of these are from the late 1950s. The two bright cards on the right are printed with fluorescent inks so they must be from the 1960s.

My favorite pieces are the wrapping papers and baby cards.

I also found a Junior Fire Manual supplied by the California Division of Forestry, copyrighted 1953 and revised in 1967. I liked it because it had a map of Orange County, California and when it was drawn, most of Orange County is described as "Forest, Range and Watershed Land" (most of it is now large cities). It also does not show one of the major freeways that was completed a little later in 1969. This is a nice bit of Orange County history.

The last sale had some beautiful vintage tablecloths and tea towels. I couldn't resist picking up a few of these.

I picked up a couple of embroidered tea towels.

This is just one of several vintage printed tea towels I found. I love the retro colors.

I also found this adorable baby dish. The writing is a little worn off but the images are beautiful.

There was also a little, mismatched bowl but it had a serious chip. The seller ended up giving me both the dish and chipped bowl for free. Thank you!

There are even more items that I did not include here. Some items are things that I will use for future craft projects and some just seemed redundant (more tea towels).

Finally, by some strange bit of luck I found all of the elements I need to do a project I had planned. Here are the pieces. You'll just have to wait to see the final project. {Click here to see the finished project}

The total price for everything posted plus some items not shown came out to $45. I consider that a very inexpensive and enjoyable way to spend a beautiful California morning.

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  1. Great finds! All for $45? You are awesome!

  2. Those tablecloths are beautiful!!!

  3. I live in California too... Fresno :-P and I agree, there is nothing finer on a beautiful morning then to hit yard sales and thrift stores!

  4. Excellent finds!! :-) Love cocktail shakers!!

  5. Great scores! I love the tablecloths.

  6. You found a lot of vintage treasures! I'm completely in love with that cocktail shaker too, I love the rooster and the retro design.

  7. Oh I so love your vintage linens and the vintage buttons. For some reason I could not see your rooster thingie!!

  8. really got a boatload of you know that those vintage linens are my fav!!!! Thanks so much for coming to my NTT PARTY!!!!


  9. Great finds. I love estate sales.

  10. Wow! You have quite a haul here. I would have snapped all of this up in a flash. I didn't have quite your luck this weekend, but spring is coming and those California sales will pick up. Great stuff!

  11. My favorites are the tablecloths.

  12. You had a field day at these sales. You found some great things.

  13. Great finds! I love the chicken tablecloth! You had so much fun....I love the thrill of the hunt!

  14. You found some great things, but my favorites are those tablecloths!!!

  15. Your post made me smile - and then to reveal you had gathered it all for such a steal! Wow

  16. Great finds, I am totally drooling over them. Happy VTT

  17. What great finds and wonderful prices. I love the tablecloths! Happy VTT!

  18. Great finds! I adore the linens you found!

    Happy VTT,


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