Sunday, September 25, 2011

First Autumn Estate Sale

We shopped at only one estate sale this week. We had so many other things to do now that it is Autumn.

My absolute favorite find was this old chippy postal scale. It is labeled as a Hanson Model 1509 Postal Scale dated January 1, 1949. It still needs some cleaning but it has a lovely rustic charm.

I found these old post-bound ledgers. Wouldn't these make great vintage scrapbooks!

I enjoy old linens and found this sweet dish towel. The strawberries will go well with the vintage stawberry canisters that I found here.

And the last item I found was a matching yellow canister like the larger one I found here. Now this makes a nice set.

I am busy working on projects for Autumn as well as taking photos of my remodeled bathroom. I love how the season is changing and it is time to redecorate.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hooray for Happy Hoarders!

We went thrifting into the hills above Hollywood today. This is much further out of our usual travels but the photos from this one sale just had so many lovely treasures that peaked my interest.

My favorite find were these vintage globes. Oh how I love a cluster of globes! The amazing thing was that 60 people went in to the sale ahead of us and no one picked these up. There was just so much in this house that I don't think anyone saw them {lucky me}. They were the first things that I picked up. One is actually a light which is my favorite kind.

My other favorite find were these two doll suitcases. One was filled with doll dresses and old hangers. I can make a mini stack of suitcases now.

Here are a few of the dresses I found in the suitcase. I love the hand-painted wooden cat hanger although the cat looks a little scary. There is also one dress embroidered with a rabbit knitting on the front.

There were a lot of teal Ball jars but I selected only one. I also found two old teal ink jars and several old bottles that were unique.

I also like vintage kitchen canisters so I picked up these. Love the red strawberries.

The last three items were just fun finds. The pink Penny Bank is old and chippy. I think it is an original. I found a folding rulers that is only 24" long and folds in half twice. Hard to explain but it doesn't fold in the typical zigzag manner. The last item in this photo is a shoe tree but the size of a child's foot.

The house was packed with so many things but you could tell that they had lots of hobbies and loved to decorate for the holidays. It was well worth the drive and a nice way to explore a different area of the city.

Bathroom remodel update:
The construction is completed with just a few minor weekend touch ups. It is now a matter of me getting my creative projects done to finish off the room. This is the fun part now.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Estate Sales and Hail Storms!

We've been having 100 degree weather here this past week so who would have suspected rain this weekend let alone a hail storm. Luckily I was on my way home from my treasure hunting so I was safe {sort of} inside my car when the hail started falling. I hope the person on the motorcycle got safely to some shelter.

I found some fun goodies this week. My favorite is this red metal child's desk. It is very heavy and is missing the seat but the chalkboard desk top is so cute. The table top comes off and can be displayed flat against the wall.

I found this hat stand although it wasn't designed for this purpose. Can you guess what it was used for originally?
It is a metal topiary garden form. This repurpose makes me smile. 
I also found this 1960s era glass ice bucket. The colors are so retro.
I'm not planning on collecting dolls but I found this lovely composition Hollywood doll that was just too cute to resist. Normally the composition dolls are out of my thrifting range but this one was reasonable. Her hat is soft blue felt and her hair is pale blonde waves. Who could resist that face? {She is on a doll stand which explains the odd shape below her dress.}
I hope everyone is experiencing a fun thrifting weekend in fair weather conditions.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Repurposed Tea Light Holder

I'm still in the middle of remodeling my bathroom but I have been looking around my home for items to use as accents once everything is completed. Here is a simple repurposed project I created.

This Tea Light Holder was created using a wire basket that originally held small clay pots. I thrifted this here.

I used two glass Insulators that I thrifted here and turned them upside-down inside the wire basket.

I placed a flameless tea light inside each one to create a teal glass candle holder that I will use to decorate my bathroom {once I make up my mind and stop changing the wall color}.

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

New Friends and Shabby New Finds

Because I took some time off from work last week and am still on vacation this week, I had the chance to chat with the same two women waiting for two different mid-week sales. They are both avid estate sale shoppers and are both extremely polite and courteous. I had so much fun visiting with them and hearing of their shopping adventures.

This week's treasures had a shabby chic theme. I had a lot of favorite finds but I love this Fenton, Silver Crest Tiered Stand. It is so sweet.

My other favorite find was this vintage brass display stand with clasping hands.
I found several wire baskets that can also be used for displaying items. 

These two vintage pieces caught my eye because of their cool Depression-era green color. One is a wooden utensil box with Dutch windmills on the side. The other is a chippy metal tissue box with painted flowers.

When I first saw this "California" state hankie, I was excited because I liked the image. When I got home and looked at it more carefully I realized that it had several misspellings. Or maybe it is intentional because even the large word "CALIFORNIA" seems to be misspelled.

It was a fun week of treasure hunting. Meanwhile, my bathroom remodel is more than half-way done {it would have been completed by now if I didn't keep changing my mind.}

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