Friday, May 23, 2014

An Amazing Week!

It has been an amazing week with lots of high points and one low point. And looking back, the low point wasn't really all that bad but it did shake my faith in the honesty of people.

My week started last Friday. I had the day off from work so we went to an estate sale. I have been doing a lot of freelance lately so this was my first opportunity to go thrifting in a while. I witnessed lying, cheating and stealing and that was the conduct of the estate sale company!
I was on the hunt for a set of these Pyrex Dot bowls.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Reading the Fine Print

During our thrifting adventures, we went to an estate sale that was advertised as "One Day Only" but buried in the text of the listing was the fact that this was "one day only" of the clearing out after two days of selling. Very confusing and disappointing since they had advertised photos of things that they must have sold many days before. But on a positive note, we had a wonderful conversation with a retired Navy man who was very inspirational.

We started the day at a fun sale and my favorite find were these vintage Gurley Halloween Witch candles. I had learned about Gurley candles after finding these Christmas candles a while back.
We also found a large number of Knee hugger elves, gnomes and pixies. Not quite sure which ones are which but most of them still have their "made in Japan" stickers.
I couldn't resist these Rooster glasses. The images are so playful.
Later, at the "One Day Only" sale I found a set of small tart pans that looked like sunflowers. Won't these make a cute Summer project!
The last thing we found was another working Westclox Baby Ben clock to add to my collection.
So the moral of this week's message is to read the fine print of any advertised sale if you want to avoid disappointments. And if you happen to meet a retired Navy man {with nine children} while waiting for a sale, strike up a conversation with him because he will inspire your dreams.

I will be adding some of these items to my Stuff to Treasure store so please check back often for more interesting vintage finds.

Hope everyone had a great day of Thrifting.
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