Saturday, November 17, 2012

Another Happy Find From My Thrifting Wish List

We started off the day at a Living Estate Sale {I learned my lesson last week but in my defense, I didn't know this was a Living Estate Sale until the homeowner walked past us.} Basically it was a garage sale that was held inside the house. There was nothing of interest to me so we moved on.

We then went to an awesome sale outside of our normal area. It was an old house where the homeowner had saved everything, especially clothes. I don't buy vintage clothes but a few people had some heated words over the clothes rack so it must have been some nice stuff.

My favorite find was this flea market shopping cart which has been something on my Thrifting Wish List since I started thrifting. It is old and worn but absolutely perfect. It is definitely going with me on my next flea market trip. Happy me!
My other favorite find is this tiered red utility cart. Love the red and cream color. Love the practicality. Love the condition. Another Happy find.
We also found several burlap bags. I haven't decided what I will do with these but I like the graphics.
This was kind of weird but I think it would look great to display vintage hats. It is a large wig case with a full-size mannequin head and mullet-style wig. The hair style reminds me of the Brady Bunch. I liked the extreme makeup on the mannequin. It reminds me of a retro 60s, Barbie style.
I also found a few small items. I always like bottlebrush trees, vintage Christmas items and cute, embroidered linens.
Maybe I need to put my Thrifting Wish List in writing. What is on your Thrifting Wish List?

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Hope everyone had a great day of thrifting.

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  1. Great finds! Love a great estate sale! Thanx for sharing! Tiffany

  2. Great Finds! I love those shopping carts too. I found one several years ago for $1, I couldn't believe I got it for so little. The red utility card is fabulous also, I'm on the lookout for one of those.

  3. You got some neat finds and even more so when they are on your thrifting list. I'm always on the hunt for vintage Christmas so this is my time of the year!

  4. Funky Christmas is always on my list and vintage le crueset or descoware is wonderful too

  5. I like the utility cart. I've seen people post them for years, but until this moment I didn't remember my grandmother's utility cart. It's been at least 20 years, god knows what happened to it, my grandfather probably got rid of it sometime in the past few years when she went into a nursing home :/. He got rid of a lot of her things, including her Pyrex - Butterprint, which my sister told me she took great care of.

    Anyways, there is so much on my thrifting wish list I could die. It always feels good to cross something off - glad you could do it this week!

  6. great finds i really love the utility cart enjoy it

  7. I have been looking for a "granny cart" as I call it. Sure I could buy one at one of those big box stores, but I just know there's one waiting for me at some garage sale somewhere :)


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