Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Craft Room Resolution

My goal today was to clean and organize my craft room and then share photos. My intentions were really good and there is a definite improvement. But as I was looking at the photos I realized that I have too much Stuff. That's "Stuff" with a capital "S" which means it is valuable to me but when there is too much then it becomes a chore to maintain it.

So after looking at these photos I've decided that 2011 will be my year of "Use it and Lose It". But in my defense I do have a LOT of projects going on at any given time. So in 2011 I will try and use Stuff that I have before I buy more of anything (This involves only arts and craft supplies and does not include any purchases of thrifting treasures.) There! That's my resolution in print!

So without further excuses, here is my craft room:

This is where I do most of the work. I have a ton of these Tilt Bins on the wall. I bought them from a scrapbooking store that was going out of business years ago. These hold everything from adhesives to ribbons. The large cabinet on the wall holds larger tools and Sizzix dies. Under the desk are three drawers that hold completed projects and scrapbooking pages before I put them in the finished scrapbook.

On the left of my main work area, below the work surface are several Cropper Hopper rolling carts that hold themed scrapbook papers. Hanging in front of the Tilt Bins is my Ikea version of a hanging system. I hang rub ons here so that they don't stick together. On the shelves above are new scrapbooks and boxes of photos for future projects. The white drawers on the lower left are mini flat files from Ikea. It rolls under my desk and holds my digital die cutter and rubber stamps as well as more supplies.

Inside of the mini flat files I placed a metal bulletin board and magnetic spice tins. They hold all of the little bits and brads that tend to get lost. I use the lids to hold rolls of Japanese masking tape so their edges  stay clean.

On the opposite side of the room are my 49 junk drawers. Most people have only one junk drawer but how many can say that they have 49! I bought this at an estate sale back in the early 1980s. It holds typical things like Scotch tape, string, etc. but it also holds art supplies and tools for my projects. On top of the 49 junk drawers sits my Scraprack. This holds my scrapbooking papers organized by color.

This is my little bit of crafting heaven. I now have two resolutions for 2011; one is to get healthier and two is to use up some of this Stuff. Now if I could only craft while exercising then success would be easy.

My goal for 2011: Use It and Lose It!


  1. My heart went all a flutter when I saw your estate sale cabinet full of little drawers. I found some small ones like it recently but nothing like that. I hope to find something as beautiful one day. Do you have an inexpensive resource for Japanese Tape?

  2. Hi Apron Thrift Girl (absolutely love your blog!!!!)

    Glad you like my 49 Junk Drawers. I was so lucky to get this cabinet. It was sitting in the garage filled with garage stuff so no one seemed to see its potential so I won it in a silent auction. I wanted to change out the knobs but 49 knobs would cost me about the same as the entire cabinet cost me when I bought it.

    Regarding the Japanese Tape, I buy mine at I don't know if they could be considered expensive or not but they have a nice selection. I'll let you know if I find another resource.

  3. I found another site that sells interesting tapes: Check out the Mod Blooms and Grids:

  4. wow, that library cabinet was an awesome find! I've been sorta looking for one, but they are very very expensive around here.

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