Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Noodle Ornament... Really!

Today I Created | A Christmas Ornament using Noodles.

I was visiting Eileen Hull's blog and discovered that she is having a "Noodle Contest". The contest was to make an ornament or decoration using noodles and you could win a $10 gift certificate to Noodles & Company. I love Eileen's blog and I love noodles, put them together and I'm in!

Off I went looking around for noodles in my kitchen.

I don't cook a lot but sometimes I get a little ambitious. I had these rice noodles sitting around for some time and now they were going to come in handy. I dropped them in boiling water for about ONE second just to soften them. Any more than that and they would have been too soft for this project.

I placed about one fourth of the noodles into a round, flat-bottomed bowl to create a wreath shape. I used a blow dryer to quickly dry the noodles so they didn't get sticky. Once I had the shape and it was dry, I removed it from the bowl and sprayed it with Olive Vine, Glimmer Mist while drying it with the blow dryer. Again, any moisture would make the noodles sticky so I needed to dry everything as I worked.
As a final touch I glued wooden beads and a ribbon to complete the look of the wreath. You could also make a bird's nest with these noodles. This was such a fast and fun project.

Addendum #1: Thank you to Noodles & Company and Eileen Hull. I was just notified that my noodle ornament won the noodle ornament contest. I can't wait to experience the food at Noodles & Company. Thanks again!

This is linked to Making The World Cuter.


  1. Lynda this is great! So glad you posted your project- how cool is that wreath? Did you just mold it with your hands into a circle? How big is it? I hope you win! Thanks for joining in the noodlicious fun!

  2. This is really cool! I love this contest Eileen and Lynda I just love this project!

  3. How neat! You know those balls look like big tomatoes. And you could have made a bow tie pasta bow! A food wreath is a great idea....except for a rotten tomato wreath...ok, maybe your idea is better :) Merry Christmas!

  4. I'm still laughing about making and posting a Christmas Noodle Ornament.

    The wreath is about 4.75" wide and was formed inside of a flat-bottomed cooking bowl. I used my hands to form the center opening and then dried it with the blow dryer so it kept its shape. And speaking of rotten tomato wreaths... for long-term use I would suggest some kind of sealant so it won't rot or go moldy :)

  5. Awesome! I would never have thought to come up with such a thing!

  6. Lynda, just got word that your wreath won the Noodle contest!!! CONGRATS! Jaclyn said they loved your project and that she printed it out and hung it up in their office :-) Can you email me your address so I can pass it along to her? She'll send your card.


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