Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Collecting Ducks on my Doorstep

I have to first state that I live in a very large urban area.

Having said that, I seem to have created a wild duck collection. It began about five years ago when a pair of ducks appeared in our neighborhood swimming pool. They were a novelty at first and soon became a welcomed addition when they were seen walking with several chicks a few months later. They left sometime in the Spring.

The next year they returned but now there were five ducks. We didn't see any chicks but they were still fun to watch until the Spring.

The following year there were about seven, then eleven the next year. I bought a bag of cracked corn to feed them.

So this year we've had a big surprise. At last count there were 31 ducks hanging out at the swimming pool. But that's not the funniest part of this story. They seem to know that I will bring them food. I opened my front door to find ducks on my doorstep. My boyfriend walked right passed them with our dog and the ducks didn't scatter. Some even followed him looking for food.

You can see the edges of my front door in this photo.

And now the flock will come running if they see me. They will gather around my feet and eat if I stand very still.

I do hope we get to see a lot of chicks this year.

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