Thursday, December 23, 2010

Alcohol Ink Glass Ornament

Today I Created | A Glass Ornament colored with Alcohol Inks.

This was another easy project. I used clear glass ornaments and removed the metal tops. I placed two drops of Alcohol Ink inside of the ornament and then sprayed canned air inside to spread the color.

After several trial and error attempts I discovered that it looked best if you spray one color inside one half of the ornament (bottom or on one side). After it is dry then add the second color but don't spray it. Instead roll the ornament until the color coats the remaining area.

Another lesson I learned was that it helped to have a blow dryer to quickly dry the ink inside of the ornament. The ink tends to stay liquid and pools in a giant blob if it doesn't dry quickly.

I finished off my ornament with a little paper banner that I stamped and glued onto the glass. The colors look very nice with a light behind them.

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