Saturday, April 2, 2011

Farm Estate Sale

There aren't a lot of farms left around where I live so when I saw an estate sale on a farm property I knew I had to check this out. The house was old, the outbuildings were falling down and it was filled with many vintage treasures. I attended on the second day of the sale so I can only imagine what treasures were there on the first day.

The best find of the day was this glass washboard seen here with a smaller metal one that I found at a previous sale.  

I couldn't resist metal roller skates with leather straps. The skate key is missing but they always got lost.

At the last minute, I grabbed this large, old, rusty mailbox. I might use it as an umbrella stand or planter. The distressed paint and rust add so much character.

I love these wonderfully illustrated children's sewing cards and books.
The ones above are dated 1928. The blue cards instruct children to be quiet and neat. The pink ones are of nursery rhymes.

 Baby Animals book is copyrighted 1945.

Let's See the Animals is copyrighted 1946.
The illustrations in the books are large and cute enough to frame.

I also found some needlework and this lovely, daisy pattern tablecloth.

At another sale, I found this pale, teal-color, covered butter dish. I believe it is called Recollection Madrid and is from the 1970s. The color is beautiful.

And as an example of happy serendipity, I found a vintage movie screen to go with the movie projector I thrifted last week.

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  1. Love all the wonderful vintage treasures you found!!

  2. Love all your treasures! The children books are so sweet. Thanks for sharing, Vicky

  3. Those sewing cards are too sweet and the illustrations in the children's books are precious. Farm estate sale - the very words make me feel all gushy inside.

  4. After church sales, farm sales are my favorite. There are so many treasures to be discovered and rural families tend to hang onto everything. (Speaking of myself as well.)
    I am anxiously awaiting the start of sale season here. At least we had a cold rain all weekend so I don't feel I missed out on anything.
    I am going to look closer at children's books this summer.

  5. totally love the mailbox idea! that is super. and yes, farm estate sales have to be thee best sort of sale. and i agree with dogsmom, church sales usually rock my world as well.

  6. I'm officially on the hunt for an old mailbox. Awesome.

  7. mailbox photo is darling! xoxo tracie

  8. You found some great stuff! I'm very jealous...

  9. Great finds. Love the mail box. Good idea to use it as an umbrella stand.

    Madison xxx

  10. Wonderful finds. I just love the idea of the mailbox on its side, what a great repurposing idea. The umbrellas and canes are perfect inside.

  11. All wonderful finds! But I'm very partial to the adorable children's books.

  12. Great finds! I like that Baby Animals book. Very cute graphics.

  13. I would have hyperventilated if I had been at that farm estate sale!!!
    I love everything - especially the sweet storybooks and sewing cards.
    Love the idea to use an old mailbox as an umbrella
    I am thrilled that you came to my first Treasure Hunt Thursday.

  14. Wow! You got tons of great stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  15. It might be a good thing you did not go the first day. You would have found more and no place to put it. You really did a well on the second day.

  16. What treasures! I just love the mailbox! Found you through VTT!

  17. I love the mailbox...the color is fabulous♥

  18. favorite is the skates..I love them...oh it brings back lovely fun memories..hey, if I ever come across a skate key..I will keep you in mind..I'm following as I love how you shop...LOL!

  19. Totally terrific treasures!!
    Love all of them!!


  20. It‘s so nice that I have found your blog about your link on Finding Fabulous. Of course, I scrolled a little and like what I saw. Now I’m your new follower! ;)

    Take care

  21. You find the coolest treasures, Lynda! I love those little sewing books, and the washboards and the tablecloth and the...OK, all of it! ;)

    Thanks for linking to the party.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  22. I love the umbrella cute is that?

  23. Wow! You found a lot of great treasures! I am loving the washboards! And that vintage tablecloth is wonderful! Thank you for joining me for TTF! I hope you have a great weekend!

  24. I love estate sales too. Around here instead of just tagging items for sale, which is never done, folks hold auctions. We all bid against each other for the items. I attended one yesterday and came away with treasures too. I'll post later in the week.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  25. I love the tablecloth and butter dish- they would work so well together in a springy tablescape. Wonderful finds! Happy VTT!


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