Saturday, September 10, 2011

Estate Sales and Hail Storms!

We've been having 100 degree weather here this past week so who would have suspected rain this weekend let alone a hail storm. Luckily I was on my way home from my treasure hunting so I was safe {sort of} inside my car when the hail started falling. I hope the person on the motorcycle got safely to some shelter.

I found some fun goodies this week. My favorite is this red metal child's desk. It is very heavy and is missing the seat but the chalkboard desk top is so cute. The table top comes off and can be displayed flat against the wall.

I found this hat stand although it wasn't designed for this purpose. Can you guess what it was used for originally?
It is a metal topiary garden form. This repurpose makes me smile. 
I also found this 1960s era glass ice bucket. The colors are so retro.
I'm not planning on collecting dolls but I found this lovely composition Hollywood doll that was just too cute to resist. Normally the composition dolls are out of my thrifting range but this one was reasonable. Her hat is soft blue felt and her hair is pale blonde waves. Who could resist that face? {She is on a doll stand which explains the odd shape below her dress.}
I hope everyone is experiencing a fun thrifting weekend in fair weather conditions.

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  1. You find such interesting and unique treasures!! I especially like that cool ice bucket!

  2. The Hollywood doll is SO CUTE! :-)

    Greetings from DK...

    //Lisbet ♥

  3. Love your finds, especially the hat form and the lovely hat on it. Beautiful!

  4. The chalkboard desktop would be a cute addition to my classroom, even though we don't use chalk anymore!


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  5. Even through hail and back you did very well on your shapping.

  6. The ice bucket is so neat-and very colorful. Love the chalkboard table. Very good finds.

  7. Love all your finds! but, that little school table is my favorite! That was a great find! thank you for joining TTF and have a fun day!


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