Monday, May 14, 2012

Vintage Office In-Box

I was planning on using an old wire basket as my vintage office in-box but that almost seemed too predictable. I was inspired to use one of my vintage doll suitcases instead. It definitely has a lot more charm than anything else I could imagine.

Here is my new in-box and you can click through to read the story of the first item I found in there.

My dear friend Jen had found this abandoned kitten several weeks ago. She rescued it and has been bottle feeding it in the office because it needed to be fed every two hours. So Mr. Peabody {big name for such a little guy} has been bringing smiles to the office for the past few weeks. He decided to explore my new in-box which immediately caused a flurry of flashing paparazzi photos.

In Box

Out Box



  1. He's just adorable! and the box looks pretty good too. Judith x

  2. Nice idea and the last pic should be pee or not to pee??? LOL


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