Saturday, May 12, 2012

Serendipity Thrifting

We went to a very interesting estate sale today. I was excited to be among the first few to go inside. I found so many treasures but when it came time to get prices {nothing was marked} I found that I had gone way over my budget {Champagne taste on a tap water budget!}. I just didn't realize that this estate sale was going to be so expensive.

I had to put back a lot of things because there was just one thing that I absolutely HAD to have.
It is a vintage wooden surveyor's tripod by the Otto Engineering Co. I love it! I had to have it! But I spent almost my entire allowance on this one item. I plan to turn it into a lamp base.

We stopped at only one other garage sale. I found a lovely working 1940s Telechron Minitmaster wall clock with timer.

I'm hoping that Dear Handyman can replace the cord then I will place it in my Stuff to Treasure store. You can use the Facebook link on the right or go to my Stuff to Treasure Facebook page and if you Like my store you will be notified when I post new items for sale.

The only other item I found was this pretty vintage glass candy dish. It has a silver overlay poppy pattern that was so pretty.
Normally I wouldn't spend so much on one item but sometimes, by sheer serendipity, you find a treasure that you just have to have. I didn't know that I would want an old wooden tripod until I found it. Isn't serendipity a glorious thing!

I hope everyone had a good day thrifting.

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  1. I live a couple blocks down from Otto Engineering. I wonder if it is the same place?!
    The clock? If the cord can't be fixed and worse comes to worse, could put in battery operated clock workings.

    1. Your suggestion is awesome! Dear Handyman opened up the clock and although everything had worked, the wires were frayed inside. He is going to try and repair some connecting wires but if it doesn't work then we will try your suggestion. Thank you!!!!!

  2. The clock is super cute! And I hope you'll post about your lamp when you're done! What a great idea.
    Erica :)

  3. Definitely looks like you came home with quality (vs quantity). How on earth does an estate sale operate without prices? That would have made me cuckoo. :-)

  4. Love the wooden tripod and your idea to turn it into a lamp is genius! Looking forward to seeing that once you've finished. Good choice on your purchase. You would have regretted it if you hadn't picked up that unique piece.

  5. Wonderful finds! I can't wait to see the lamp you make. It will be so cool! Thank you for joining TTF and I hope you are have a great week!

  6. you did good! You can't go wrong with this, can't wait to see how it turns out!! thanks for linking up to VIF!


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