Saturday, March 5, 2011

One Good Estate Sale

We had some fantastic weather today but it ended up being an odd day for thrifting. We had one good estate sale and then we didn't find a single thing the rest of the day.

Best find of the day has to be these two sewing boxes. The photo above shows just half of the treasures I found inside the larger sewing box. My two favorite finds were the three larger sewing needle cards. The Happy Home and Bestmaid needle cards are from Japan. There is also a promotional needle card from Ralphs grocery store (a popular store that is still in business), made in West Germany. All of these seem to be from the 1950s.

The second favorite sewing basket find were a set of brass buttons marked WATERBURY CO'S CONN W21. Previously, while researching my family history, I had found ties back to Waterbury, Connecticut and had read some history about the famous Waterbury brass button industry during the mid to late 1800's. Waterbury produced brass buttons used on army uniforms for both sides of the Civil War. The buttons I found are nowhere near that old but they are an amazing connection to Waterbury and my family history.

The sewing baskets also had a treasure trove of old thread spools, two Witch-needle threaders, a noise maker (image of an old man with a handle-bar mustache wearing a small flower in his hat), vintage silver and gold paper leaves, "tomato" pin cushion and lots of buttons.

I also found a vintage alarm clock from about the 1950s. It is by the Lux company, called Apollo. I wound it up and it works perfectly but the ticking is rather loud. I can only imagine what the alarm must sound like. I also found a retro paper table cover. The pattern is called Star Glo and looks from the space age era.

The final find was this vintage suitcase labeled "Atlas Luggage". I'm always on the lookout for suitcases that are within my price range. There were two pieces in this set but I couldn't afford both.

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  1. What fun finds! I have to get out to sales as soon as spring finds us and look for sewing boxes. They seem to be a rare item secondhand around here. Love your family connection.

  2. great finds though even if the rest of the day was bust. And if the sun was out then all the better for having a nice day out and finding a treasure trove of goodies in a sewing basket...or two. :o)

  3. Lucky you to find so many vintage sewing treasures! Love those. Heading over to the giveaway post now :-)

  4. What a great find. I love wooden spools

  5. Ahhh, lucky girl! You found some great stuff!

  6. I think you did pretty well with your estate shopping.

  7. Wonderful vintage finds!

    Susan and Bentley

  8. Any day I can find vintage sewing treasures is a GREAT day - congrats! Happy Thursday - Tanya

  9. Great finds. I think I have that Happy Home needle case also. Love the suitcase!

  10. I just love vintage sewing items. My mom was a seamstress and did alterations in a laundry for years. I hate doing alterations, but I love to sew. Is that wooden thing in the first picture what they put up in socks when they mended them?

  11. Oh, that little alarm clock is so sweet! I really love that sewing basket! Great finds for sure. Happy VTT!

  12. Hi Janet - You have a good eye. Yes that is a wooden "darning mushroom" in the first picture. Or maybe it is called a "darning gourd" because of the shape.

  13. There is nothing like a great estate sale. I always am drawen to the sewing things also but just can't bring any more home I am going to clear out a few of my sewing treasures.

    The old suit case is good for storing treasures, another item I have too many of

    Love the thread spoons


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