Saturday, March 19, 2011

Early Bird Gets the Junk Sale

A fight nearly broke out at an estate sale this morning. My money would have been on the scrappy little woman but the muscle-building hulk wouldn't have gone down easily. They were arguing over who was first in line. I guess if it is your business then you need to be more agressive but I was there just for the fun of it. The funniest part was that there really wasn't anything fantastic at this sale. I saw some of the first people in line leaving empty handed.

I did find a few treasures, some for upcycling and some for craft supplies.

Best find of the day was this shabby chic "thing". I haven't a clue as to what it came from or what it was used for but I envisioned it holding Christmas ornaments in each arm. It is made of metal and quite heavy. What would you use it for?

Click here to see how I decorated with this "thing".

Staying with the shabby chic theme, I found some metal candle holders. I also found this vintage wooden spool. Last large spool I found at a sale was priced at two for $25. This one was only 50 cents.

I bought a bag of feathers for craft projects. I wonder if the person who collected these feathers loved birds as much as I love my ducks.

I bought a bag full of fabric trim. These will be perfect for Christmas projects. 

I found a box with these old Christmas lights. I don't know what I will do with them but they remind me of Christmas past. The last few craft items I found were a bag of wooden beads and two jars of odd wooden pieces that had been carved on a lathe. The beads are in some lovely Fall colors with the green beads in the shape of apples so I can see an Autumn project later this year.

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  1. Great finds! My mother in law wanted me to go to a yard sale with her this AM but I couldn't. I've been wondering what goodies I missed out on.

  2. I love that "thing" bet it would really look cute holding some Easter eggs too! Glad you had fun and found great treasures today! Blessings, Vicky

  3. I had one of those "thingies" many years ago. It held small votive cups for candles. Wish I had held on to it now, would make a great display for ornaments or eggs!!! ~~Sherry~~

  4. I think your 'thing' is called an apergne (cant do the little squiggle over the last e) It would have had little bowls that fit into it's claws? hands? The bowls would have held nuts, dried fruit, chocolates, etc. It would have been placed on the table at the end of a meal, during coffee..
    It would look lovely holding Easter eggs & Christmas decorations, or maybe small bowls of flowers.
    Great find!

  5. I could see that mystery item looking lovely with a few necklaces draped over the...arms...claws...branches? It looks to really be for votive candles, but I'm sure you'll find some creative use for it!

  6. I love the Christmas bulbs. They remind me of the 70's. I don't know if I would want to go back to the bright big bulb days...but it brings back great memories just looking at them!

  7. So many great find!! Oh I love bags of trim, the possibilities. Thanks for bringing this to the Penny Worthy Project!

  8. Lots of goodies! I was also thinking that was for votives. You will be well prepared for crafting, for sure!!

  9. I love all your goodies!! I love the thingie with the arms! You are right it would be good for christmas ornaments. I would paint it white though!!

  10. Your thingy is too pretty. You're going to have fun decorating with it.

  11. I love your estate sale finds. The metal thing is interesting. it will be fun to see what you do with it. I can see you are a crafter. Have fun with your treasures. I'm glad you did not get in the middle of the silly fight. People sometimes amaze me.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  12. You came away with some pretty good stuff afterall. I really like those silvery candle holders and the little flowers.
    Amazing what some people will go through at the estate sales. I've seen some pretty crazy things out there. Happy hunting:)

  13. I am glad you did not fight over anything. You probably found as much as you needed if you had been last in line. People are so crazy at times.

  14. Oh I adore your egg holder~ swoon!

    I am currently hosting an auction of vintage and antique linen treasures. Stop by and take a peek.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. Yep; people fight over the sillest things! But you managed to walk away with some cool times, Lynda. Like you, I can't seem to pass up vintage Christmas goods. Must be because we have such fond memories of Christmases past. ;)

    Thanks for linking to the party.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


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