Monday, March 16, 2015

Happy Serendipity Thrifting Day!

I had a planned vacation day off from work last Friday and was fortunate to find an estate sale listing vintage buttons. It was truly a stroke of serendipity and it even got better!

While searching for the buttons I came across the most awesome stash of more Pyrex bowls. Not just any Pyrex bowls but a Green Dot Pyrex bowl, two yellow Rainbow Stripe bowls and one blue Rainbow Stripe bowl. You might remember my estate sale horror story of another buyer grabbing two Pyrex Dot bowls from me last year. The bowl that the seller took away from me was a Green Dot Pyrex bowl just like this one.
Wasn't it just last week that I said that I needed to stop buying so much Pyrex? This was an example of true serendipity though. Another buyer was standing near these and just walked away uninterested so I casually swooped in and happily bought them.

I also gleefully found a stash of old buttons plus some sewing notions. I love the pale pink measuring tape. I sorted the buttons later and found some nice pieces.

The only other treasure I found were these old jointed bisque dolls from Japan. I'm not sure what I am going to do with these but I thought they were so cute and in need of some clothing.
These rest of the weekend was spent at my son's first car race of the season. The car had mechanical problems but the mini-trip was fun. We sat in the shade and relaxed in the heat while the boys tinkered with the race car.
California is known as earthquake country and nowhere else it is as dramatic as the famous Vasquez Rocks near Santa Clarita, California. In some places the rocks are almost perpendicular to the horizon. These rock formations have been used as the setting for many television shows and movie.
I hope everyone had a great weekend with some exciting thrifting finds. 

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