Sunday, January 11, 2015

CHA Winter 2015 - Craft Geek Confessions

I hope I never lose the excitement of attending the Craft and Hobby Association trade show. It is only open to the craft trade and I am the biggest craft gawker so attending the show is like being a kid in a candy store.

If you follow my blog then you will know that I am a Tim Holtz fan girl. Adore the man! I watch his demos and learn so much. I work with him and learn even more. He is amazing.

If you follow his site then you know all of the amazing new product that he is coming out with for 2015. I loved his papers for his letter writing line.
For my own personal crafting, I have been trying to wrap my head around the Pocket Page scrapbooking trend. Oh so simple yet I have such an exceptionally goofy time with it. Here is my problem, because I am a graphic designer, I am proficient with Adobe Photoshop. I find that I spend way too much time editing, retouching, cropping and sizing my photos to fit the pocket pages. It isn't simple any longer.

So now imagine me standing in front of the Becky Higgins, Project Life booth at CHA. I am staring at this beautiful display of all of her new designs. A woman comes up and offers me a catalog and asks if I know about Pocket Pages. I explain my story with all of my goofy problem. She asks if it would help me if she had Becky come over to talk to me. GASP! Uh, okay, I'll wait right here I reply.

Next thing I know someone taps my arm and standing next to me is THE Becky Higgins! She asks about what problems I have, I tell her my goofy story again and Becky Higgins herself suggests that I print all of my photos at 4"x6" and start from there. I thank her, we take a photo, she signs a card and I feel like the biggest craft gawker ever.
But wait, there's more craft geek confessions!

Brenda Walton had sent me the most lovely, hand-painted bird Christmas ornament over the holiday. It was truly a work of art by such a talented artist. I had to make her something as a thank you gift. I made her {and myself - project images to follow on another day} a little felt clip-on pouch using my Fox die. She is so sweet and so talented.
I also had the opportunity to visit with my dear friend Stephanie Barnard. We had to take a silly photo as a joke. Posted on my wall at work is my very first photo with Tim Holtz. He made the silliest face in that photo which is why it is posted. Stephanie always jokes with me that I needed to post a photo of the two of us as well and I said that I would only do it if she made a funny face with me. So here is Stephanie and I being silly. Why does she still look so cute and I just look silly?
The only person I missed getting a crafty geeky gawking photo with was Karen Burniston. We were too busy catching up on old times.

Oh Yeah, I'm a Craft Geek and Proud of it!

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