Saturday, November 8, 2014

Good News: Creative Life Update

I haven't posted anything creative or thrifty in quite a while but that is only because I haven't had time to create or thrift in quite a while. Sometimes the Universe just throws so much at you all at once and things just have to fall off your plate.

My Life in Brief:
Work: Finally got a promotion! It is doing all of the same things I was doing before but now getting a bump in salary. Woo hoo! I tend to take on any impossible project they think up and then get it done. A catalog created in 12 working days, Sales presentations with over 200 mockup packaging samples, A year's work of rebranding exercises... I'm on it!

Other Work news:

Design: My die designs were introduced at the Fall International Quilt Market. My Fox die was the Sizzix Number One seller at the show. My Monster die was number two.
My Reindeer die also sold out. {I created these examples of how to use my reindeer die. The top reindeer is me with the heart antlers. The left one is Dear Handyman. He's British so his antlers are a little different. The right one is my son who loves to tease Dear Handyman.}
Freelance: I have also been doing a massive number of freelance hours. I really enjoy my freelance. It is a great opportunity to do some creative designs but I can't share anything here. I can tell you that crafters love them. I just don't have my name on any of them but that is okay.

Thrifting: I've been to only a few estate sales but just haven't had the time to post anything new to my Stuff to Treasure store but it is still full of unique vintage treasures. The holidays are coming so you might find that perfect vintage gift for someone.

Personal: I am taking an emotional and mental break for a few days. I am being harassed by my Home Owner's Association which is stressful. Life is so crazy at times. When the Universe throws stuff at me, I need to stop taking it personally and just walk away. I am okay. People I care about are okay. Life is about the here and now and that is okay too.

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