Friday, May 23, 2014

An Amazing Week!

It has been an amazing week with lots of high points and one low point. And looking back, the low point wasn't really all that bad but it did shake my faith in the honesty of people.

My week started last Friday. I had the day off from work so we went to an estate sale. I have been doing a lot of freelance lately so this was my first opportunity to go thrifting in a while. I witnessed lying, cheating and stealing and that was the conduct of the estate sale company!
I was on the hunt for a set of these Pyrex Dot bowls.

We attended an estate sale in the hopes to score some vintage Pyrex bowls. One of the other buyers grabbed two bowls right out of my hands. The person running the sale then took the two bowls away from him and shockingly gave one to her friend and gave me back the one remaining bowl.

I don't know which upset me more; the company owner lying, cheating and stealing or the other buyers lying, cheating and stealing. At least I can sleep at night knowing that I was honest and polite.

This happened last Friday morning. That afternoon we headed out for my son's race at a track in the desert near Palm Springs, CA. We were in the middle of a heat wave with temperatures reaching 106 degrees. The great part is that my son won his race on Saturday and set the track record for his class on both days. You can see photos of the desert at the end of this post.

Luckily my week just kept getting better.

First, I won the company Bingo game. Then it was my birthday this week so there was a yummy pot luck. My friends took me out to lunch and the restaurant owner gave us all a free lunch. Then I received flowers at work from my son. And to top it all off,  Dear Handyman surprised me and took us out to dinner at my favorite restaurant where I had my favorite scallops.
But wait, there's more!

I had also taken today off from work because of my birthday. I went to an estate sale by a company where the owner is honest, fair and nice. My favorite find was a vintage doll suitcase and small makeup suitcase.
 Also found some really nice old buttons.
I think the estate was for a person that worked for Bell Telephone. This is a smoky glass tray with an image of the Telstar satellite in aqua and gold metal. The back of the tray has the history of the Telstar I and Telstar II satellites. This is probably from around 1963.
 I found a Pyrex Butterprint refrigerator dish.
Vintage Barbie clothes. One was made in the "British Crown Colony of Hong Kong".
 Old dice, some are Bakelite.
So my week ended on a high note. I found some fun items, my son safely won his race, my birthday was awesome and I no longer care about the one Dotted Pyrex bowl that got away. Karma Rocks! Plus it is only Friday so I may still have a few more thrifting adventures tomorrow. Plus it is a long holiday weekend. Staying positive feels great!

Here are a couple of photos from our desert weekend. Imagine racing in 106 degree weather. The temperature at sunset was a cooler 100 degrees. And did I mention that there was no water or electricity at this track?

Hope everyone has a great weekend of thrifting!


  1. What horrible conduct by an Estate Sale Company. Sorry that happened to you but it looks like you found some great stuff at the other sale. I love the dice and the doll case and Barbie clothes.

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