Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Belated Valentine's Post

I made a Valentine's card for my Dear Handyman. He told me that he saves all of the cards that I make for him which makes me so happy.
I started with a box cut using the eclips machine. I made the flower using the Sizzix Tattered Pinecone die then inked and distressed the edges of the petals. I added a bit of lace, greenery and a small tag to finish off the front of the box.

When the box was opened there was a simple card.

I began with a 12" x 3" strip of cardstock and accordion folded it. I used the Alterations Magnetic Movers & Shapers Die; Love on the front of the card. This die is discontinued but I think it is so perfect for a simple card.
I kept the various panels very simple so that the shapes stood out.
I also used a Movers & Shapers Heart die on the inside page.

I'm so glad that my Dear Handyman appreciates the cards that I make for him. Just one more reason why I love him.


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