Sunday, October 13, 2013

Awesome Thrifting Haul

I haven't had the opportunity to go thrifting for a few weeks due to a variety of reasons but this weekend's haul made up for lost time.

My favorite find was an old hat box full of vintage, velvet millinery flowers. The seller was the original owner and told me that she had collected these when they were in fashion. I told her that I would take good care of them. The colors are amazing!
I love vintage buttons and sewing notions so this was a great treasure hunt. I couldn't buy everything I wanted but I did buy some nice pieces. I found a big box of buttons and a bag of Lucite buttons. I can't wait to sort through the box.

I also found these old Bias Tape cards with cute animals. The cards have the front and back of animals printed on them. You can cut them out and glue them to both ends of a thread spool to create the animals. Cute and thrifty!
This is a set of wooden curtain tie-backs with sweet red cherries.
Another exciting find was this stack of old Japanese Paper Lanterns. I was thrilled to find these in such good condition.
I also bought a box lot of vintage Christmas treasures.
The bottlebrush tree in front is flat on the back so I assume it was meant as a wall display. The bottlebrush wreath has three strands of mercury beads hanging with green paper bells hanging below. Lots of vintage Christmas tags and stickers as well as old West Germany and Shiny Brite ornaments in the box.
A box of old Mazda/General Electric Christmas lights missing a few bulbs but the box is in good condition.
My favorite surprise in the box were these small Chinese paper lantern ornaments. So fragile and sweet. The poinsettias are made from chenille sticks.

The last thing I found was this little figurine of a doe and her fawn. After my stare-down with an angry mother doe during my recent vacation I thought this was an appropriate find. Don't let that sweet doe's face fool you. But the fawn sure looks cute. This is actually an old souvenir from Las Vegas. When did Las Vegas have deer?

I'm on a Thrifting high! Hope everyone had a great day of thrifting.

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  1. Millinery flowers! Buttons! Vintage Christmas! I am speechless at the treasures you found. Sweet deer, but I have had a stare-down with one, too.

  2. Buttons and Christmas, two things I love!! Nice finds!

  3. Oh my gosh, that was an awesome haul indeed! Sorting buttons is one of my very favorite post-thrifting activities and it looks like you have some really gorgeous ones in that pile. And of course the Christmas stuff is awesome too!

  4. Those millinery flowers are something to delight in for sure! I most especially am in awe of the bias tape cards with animals printed on them. I most have touched hundreds of those things and have never before seen that.

  5. Cuteness overload! I love your ornaments and buttons so much!

  6. I love the buttons you found! Just found your blog today! I'm going to look through some more! ~~Pam

  7. I'm drooling over the vintage Christmas you found! Quite an amazing score :-)

    Strange that a Las Vegas souvenir would be in the form of a deer. But cute, nonetheless!



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