Sunday, May 26, 2013

Organizing My Stash

I spent a couple of days sorting and organizing my stash of buttons and spools. This gave me some ideas for future projects. Plus I found some hidden stashes of spools that I forgot I had.

I found some unique spools so I decided to display them on the old cash register drawer/shelf.

Detailed photos.


  1. I LIKE!!! :-)

    Greetings from a sunny Denmark... //Lisbet

    1. Hi Lisbet!
      I see you've been very busy with your new puppy and publishing a book. Congratulations! I love the bright happy colors! I don't read Danish but it just looks so pretty that it makes me smile.
      If anyone is interested, please check out Lisbet's Gift Book at
      *Smiles* from sunny California!

  2. What a great idea- such a nice decorative piece!


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