Saturday, July 21, 2012

Unusually Inconsiderate Sellers

I experienced two odd situations today while out thrifting. It made me understand why some thrifters are rude and inconsiderate.

We arrived at the first sale early while the people were still setting up. I politely asked if they were open yet and the seller replied that they weren't ready yet. I went back to wait in my car. Meanwhile some other buyers walked up and started rummaging through some boxes and started grabbing what they wanted. The sellers did not stop them. I hurried back to the sale but the few choice pieces were already taken.

The second situation was even odder. We arrived at the next sale and there was a buyer already making a pile of items to purchase. The seller was still pulling out boxes and allowing the other buyer to go through them before she unpacked them. I asked if I could go through the boxes and she said that she would unpack them so I waited. Then her husband took the other buyer into the garage to show him more stuff which caused her to completely stop unpacking. I asked if I could see what else she had in the boxes and she said that she "didn't want to unpack anything else because her husband was going to go put up signs". I failed to see the logic in that statement so I just stood there waiting and she just stood there doing nothing. Now I assume that she wanted to give the other buyer first pick of everything that she had. Maybe I should have been more pushy and just started going through the boxes like the first buyer had.

I am way too polite so I missed out on some cool stuff. But I once read a quote that went something like this: "Would the child that you were, be proud of the grownup that you are?" I may not have gotten the best stuff today but at least I know that my polite behavior was correct.

So on to the treasures that I did find...

My favorite find was this beautiful aqua or turquoise glass Tiered Tidbit Stand. I'm not sure of the manufacturer but it has dots similar to Fenton Hobnail glass. It is in the most lovely teal/aqua/turquoise glass color.

I just couldn't resist this miniature, metal Cocktail Shaker, Tray and Martini Glasses. The Martini glasses are less than an inch high. The Shaker is 2 5/8" high and the lid and cap are removable. It is marked "Japan" on the bottom of the shaker. Did children in the 50s make pretend cocktails?

Addendum: After some online research I discovered that this wasn't a toy but a miniature chrome plated  cocktail set probably made in the 1930s. The shaker has a removable lid and strainer so it could really make very, very small cocktails. Shaken, not stirred of course.
We saw lots of beautiful Depression Glass but the piece that caught my eye was this brilliant green, large {almost 8" tall} glass jar with a partial label. I thought it would be so beautiful as a decoration for Christmas. It is actually a vintage glass piece from a Prak-T-Kal room vaporizer. 
I remember these Christmas Card File boxes when I was a kid. I liked the decorative images and it still has unused cards inside. Retro AND practical!
We also found a vintage baby crib gym toy. It is amazing to see how dangerous crib toys were back in the 50s and 60s. This plastic toy wasn't in working condition but I saw how it could be separated into pieces and turned into some nice vintage Christmas ornaments.
The last thing we found was a box of new, old stock, Ball jar zinc lids. I always find nice blue Ball jars without lids so I don't always buy them. Now I have an entire box of zinc jar lids.
I hope everyone had a great day of thrifting without too many inconsiderate buyers or sellers. 

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  1. As a Southern gal, my Mamma always said "to mind my manners" & "be on my Ps and Qs" even though you may have missed out on some treasures, you stuck to "what is right" and in the end YOU HAVE RECEIVED THE BEST TREASURE! Your thrifty finds were grea! I love the title of your blog. I am a follower...come see what I have been doing over at my royal blog! tiffany

  2. The teal tiered tidbit tray is totally gorgeous! I love it!!

    Kudos to you for being the better person and abiding by the rules. Not sure what the second couple was hoping to accomplish by making you wait.

  3. Wonderful finds! Love your tibit stand the best.

  4. Visiting from Her Library Adventures.

    Your mom would be proud of you too I'm sure :o)

    Your glass finds are great and I'm totally jealous of the box of Ball lids. Congo Rats!

  5. I feel like I have yard sale experiences similar to yours every week. I show up on time only to pass people already leaving the sale that JUST STARTED SECONDS AGO with a pile of paid-for goods in their hands. So it goes -- luckily there always seems to be more stuff elsewhere... :-)

  6. ooo!! Look at that box of ball jar lids! So nifty! Great finds.

    The Joyful Thrifter

  7. The Christmas card box is sweet, I have one too, love it!!

  8. It sounds to me like you have grace and manners. I cannot explain why those sellers behaved the way they did but I take my hat off to you for being above it all. Plus, looking at your finds - you did really well!! I *love* the turquoise tidbit stand - absolutely gorgeous and the others things you picked up were really great finds (like those zinc lids!).

  9. You won!!! Your finds are fantastic! Always be true to yourself and the way you were raised. It really does pay off. I'm always amazed at the rudeness of other shoppers at garage sales and estate sales, but I've yet to meet an unfriendly or inconsiderate seller.

  10. As soon as I saw the aqua tiered stand I had to hop over from Share the Love Wednesday. I have aqua, red, and green in my kitchen and love vintage aqua dishes. I have a Fenton cream and sugar I bought at an estate sale and I love it. The green jar and zinc lids are fab also. So sorry that some people are like that. I agree, nothing is that valuable that it is worth being rude over. Mama taught me to be polite and considerate. Sat that not everyone knows that.

  11. I might be far afield and completely wrong but it sounds like on each occasion the sellers might have known/or known of the sellers going through the stuff and wanted them to have the first crack at everything and for some reason they either didn't state that to you or they didn't know how to state that to you??? Unfortunately their not dealing with it made things worse. All they had to do was apologize and say they had a relationship with that buyer and were giving them first viewing of everything. Or perhaps they were just jerks. ;)

    Adore your tidbit stand! Hope that took some of the sting out of the weirdness and missed opportunities.

  12. I would have been tempted to walk off...but great things you were able to get with your patience! Happy VTT

  13. I also would have been tempted to just leave, but then I would have missed some great stuff. I believe in manners even if others don't! You did the right thing!

  14. It is amazing how people will react at these sales. It can get downright nasty. I am not sure I would have been as nice as you.

  15. I totally agree with you. I am not aggressive, and cannot be rude! But you certainly did well anyway. Love the aqua glass tidbit!
    Happy VTT!

  16. Do you have any idea the pattern/origin of the blue tiered dish? I have 12 dinner plates, a few saucers and a cup of that same color/pattern. I have been trying to identify them.


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