Saturday, June 2, 2012

MY Thrifting Weekend

It has been three long weeks since I've had a chance to go thrifting. One weekend I had to help a friend. The next weekend we were at a driving event for my son. So this weekend was MY weekend. I found some lovely treasures.

My favorite find was another silver champagne cooler. Oh how I love the shape of these. This is a little fancier than the other ones I've found.

I found a lot of sewing notions and even this lovely toy sewing machine called "Sister". I'm not sure if I like it more because it is called Sister or because I like toy sewing machines.
We scooped up some vintage buttons and notions. The babies on the "Gripper Snap Fasteners" are adorable and the "Jingle Bells" are sweet.

So happy to find several nice large, old jars with plenty of storage possibilities.

It was a fun day of thrifting although we are all still a little tired from my son's driving event last weekend. I created this panorama of the track.

Anyway, I will have some of these items listed in my Stuff to Treasure Store soon. Friend my store on Facebook to get updates when items become available. I hope everyone had a fun day of thrifting.


  1. Oh I love the jingle bells, that is what I would of picked up. You need to check out my Memorial day post....white annabelle hydrange in the similar champagne bucket you just got!

  2. Lovely finds! The toy sewing machine is adorable, I always pick up jars too. You are right, they are great for storage.

  3. I have that last jar you showed a photo of. Mine has a green lid. I use it in the kitchen for a candy jar. I know how to clean silver or silver plate but is there a secret to keep it from tarnishing so quickly?

  4. Great finds! My favorite is the champagne cooler too. So elegant & you can find so many uses for them.


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