Sunday, April 15, 2012

Thrifting to the Grand Prix

My Dear Handyman wanted to go to the Long Beach Grand Prix and I wanted to go to some estate sales. We compromised and stopped at some sales on the way to Long Beach.

We found some interesting items that can be used for various projects. I am remodeling my office space at work and had my eye out for items to use as vintage storage. I found three wire baskets, one to act as an in-basket and one will hold various scrapbooking papers.

I also found this vintage record holder that could also hold paperwork.

I love these tiny cork-topped glass vials filled with seed beads. They are only about an inch tall.
We found some nice old Tonka trucks that will probably go into my Stuff to Treasure store shortly.

This is a very retro Mid-Century Modern, patent leather, ice bucket by Georges Briard. It is in such great condition.

In a box buried in the corner of a room I found lots of old film and recording items. There were some old 8mm film reels, old metal Kodak film canisters and some old home recording records from the 1940s. One old records is labeled as "Jack Benny and Rochester".

That was the "thrifting" part of our day. Then we were off to the Long Beach Grand Prix. The weather was absolutely perfect in Long Beach although the cars were a bit noisy. The race is held on what is normally regular streets in downtown Long Beach. We watched the American Le Mans Series.
In the photo above you can just see the Queen Mary circled in the distance. 

Viewing from turn 6

Some Long Beach landmarks visible behind the racetrack. The International Towers {condominiums} on the left was featured in the movie Letal Weapon II. The building near the center with the green roof is the Villa Riviera {also condominiums} built in 1929. This building survived the Long Beach earthquake of 1933.
Above is the Long Beach Arena. The entire wall surrounding the building highlights various sea life and is the world's largest mural painted by Wyland.  
 The view of the ALMS race at turn 10. You can see the Wyland mural in the background.

Inside the arena building were various vendors. I don't know if you can recognize this man but it is the guy from the TV show Storage Wars. He was there with all kinds of "Yuup" souvenirs. Now I like to think that these reality TV personalities are just "acting" their parts but in my opinion, this guy appears to really be like his TV persona. He would not let you take a photo of him unless you bought something from his booth. He had signs that said nothing in his booth was free. I can understand the need to post this because there were so many other vendors giving away freebies which gives you an idea of the quality of items he was selling. So to be on the safe side, I put back his business card.

It was a fun but exhausting day. I found lots of treasures and enjoyed a day at the races. I hope everyone had a good day thrifting.

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  1. Yuuuuuup! I never knew those were record holders. I see them all the time and always think of letter filing. Also, metal Tonka trucks? Score!

  2. We Were at the Grand Prix too!!!!

    So cool!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  3. Love the record holder and the Kodak/film items... And the tiny bottles. (They're great for necklaces!) So cool!

    And the photos from Long Beach are great! I guess I'll have to "make a trip" on Google Street View... [You know... I'm travelling the World on my iPad... :-D]

    Thanx for sharing, Lynda...!

    *SMILES* Lisbet

    PS. Did you receive the vintage postcard from me???

  4. OMG that makes me hate that guy even more! ha! Pretty cool finds, Tonka trucks are the bomb! My son (16 months) loves trucks, so we're on the lookout! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love those cute little yellow film cannisters!!

  6. Good compromise! I would definitely prefer the thrifting part, though! ;) Love the wire baskets! I am a happy new follower.


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