Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thrifting Close to Home

My Aunt turned 100 years old today. Yesterday we had a birthday party and family reunion for her. Because of this party I just went to a few garage sales in my local area.

My favorite find were these lovely vintage suitcases that are in wonderful condition. They are a matched set in a tweed pattern.

I also found several vintage Christmas candles. I love their mellow discoloration. My favorite is the little gnome at the bottom left.
This is a lantern candle that is supposed to burn down and glow behind the decals.
A cute set of candles in the shape of Santa face mugs.
Most of these candles will be in my Stuff to Treasure store. You can also click on the Facebook link to the right and follow my store to be the first to see when new items are added. I will add the suitcases to my store as soon as I find a box large enough to use for shipping.

The last item I found is really odd. It is an old figural milk glass Christmas light bulb made in Japan between the 1930s to the 1950s. It is in the shape of a mushroom or acorn that looks like a house. On the "roof" is a large snail with a human face. Not only is the ornament odd but it is odd that I even bought the thing because I hate snails. This is going to be a gift for my sister who collects odd Christmas ornaments. This just might be one of the oddest ones she will ever have.

I hope everyone had a fun day thrifting. Tomorrow I will share the gift that I made for my Aunt.

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  1. Love the suitcases! They look pristine. Seeing these Christmas candles always brings a sweet wave of wonderful memories.

    That odd ornament is a little creepy. If your sister likes odd, I bet it does become one of her favorites!

  2. Happy birthday to Auntie!
    Gotta say, I can't believe you found those items at a garage sale. Very cool.

    1. You are so correct! I re-read my posting and realized that only the suitcases were from an actual garage sale. Everything else came from the 4th day of an estate sale. My apologies for not catching my error. Thanks for commenting.

  3. More great finds. Happy birthday to your aunt.

  4. i love the tweet suitcases. they are gorgeous!

  5. One hundred years is a MAJOR event! Many happy returns to your Aunt!

    I really like the graphics on the Lantern candle, kind of Halloween-y Nightmare Before Christmas in the Fifties! 8-)

  6. I LOVE all your x-mas items! Well...the light bulb for your sister is pretty wierd! lol But I think it's valuable. Probably German. I bet she'll be so happy that you got it for her.
    I'm your newest follower! Erica :)


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