Sunday, February 20, 2011

Handmade, Die Cut Flowers

This was one of those projects where I had a vision in my mind of how it would look when completed but it took a little more time than I expected. This is a birthday gift for a friend. Each flower is die cut from vellum using the Sizzix, Flowers, 3D die.

Each die cut flower was lightly inked along the outer edges with Worn Lipstick, Distress Ink. I assembled the flowers following these instructions and used hot glue to hold them together.

Next, I cut 2-inch pieces of 26 gauge floral wire for each of the smaller flowers. I wrapped the wire with floral tape leaving about an inch of extra tape at one end and about a quarter of an inch of wire unwrapped.

I poked a small hole in the bottom of the flower and placed a small dot of hot glue over the hole.

This next part was a little tricky. I then quickly inserted the wire into the hole just enough to hold it when the glue dried but not so deep as to show in the center of the flower. After the glue was dry I finished wrapping the tape around the base of the flower. I placed a small dab of white glue to hold the tape closed.

Next, I wrapped floral tape around 18 gauge floral wire to use as the main stem. About four inches from the end of the wire, I stopped wrapping and added the base of the smaller flower stem and wrapped them tightly to hold in place.

Once the base was secure I bent the small flower stem aside and continued wrapping the main stem leaving about an inch of wire unwrapped.

I attached the larger flowers a little differently. I used a large, decorative pin and pushed it into the center of the flower and out of the back to act as a small stem.

I then wrapped the pin to the 18 gauge wire to securely hold it in place.

After all of the flowers were completed, I arranged them in the vintage, Moonstone Hobnail vase I thrifted at this estate sale and added silk leaves that I thrifted from this sale.

The finished project looks exactly how I envisioned it at the beginning. The only thing I didn't envision was how sticky my fingers would be after handling hot glue, white glue and floral tape.

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  1. You must have the patience of a saint. Beautiful!

  2. The flowers are so beautiful & delicate. I love them!

  3. So beautiful. Thank you so much for joining the More The Merrier Monday Linky Party. Be sure to come back next week. I look forward to seeing more of your projects.

  4. Those are lovely!! When I saw them, I thought for sure you had used coffee filters. :-) I would love it if you link up to my party, A Marvelous Mess. I will be picking one project to feature on the sidebar of my blog for a week!! Here is the link:

  5. Wow, at first glance I had no idea they were paper! Lovely flowers.

  6. Wonderful job! They look so real and you must have lots of patience. Thanks for sharing, Vicky

  7. So delicate and pretty! I wish I had the patience! Thanks so much for linking up!

  8. wow! That takes a lot of patiences to do that. They are absolutely gorgeous. Love it :)
    I'm a new follower, love your site :)

  9. These flowers look absolutely beautiful. I'm sure your friend will be delighted.

    Found you on Wandering Weds.
    CJ xx

  10. These are gorgeous! I would so prefer getting these over roses any day.

  11. WOW! Those are really cool! Great job!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  12. These are lovely, thanks for sharing!

  13. How pretty. What a great tutorial. I just became a follower. If you have a chance please stop by my blog. I'm a newbie so have patience with me. Have a wonderful day.

  14. These are gorgeous!!! So delicate and beautiful

    I'm doing my first ever giveaway on my blog, I'd love if you would stop by and enter!

  15. Wow, these are so impressive. And what a thorough and simple tutorial as well. Thanks!

  16. My birthday isn't until July but I see why you had to start so early! AMAZING!!!!

  17. I don't really do paper crafting, but I think those are very cute! I'm sure they will be extra special to your friend since they were handmade by you.

  18. Wow, Lynda! I'm so impressed that you could make those flowers out of vellum. They're so pretty. And I'm sure your friend loved them.

    Thanks for linking to the party again this week.

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  19. How gorgeous! You did a fabulous job! They look real! ♥

  20. I love your flowers! I am now following, also.

  21. Wow, these look so real. What a lot of attention to detail you put into this project, and it shows. They're very lovely.

    Thanks so much for linking up to the Sunburnt Cow link party. I featured you over at All Thumbs Crafts.

    Tracy All Thumbs Crafts

  22. That is fantastic!!! I have to try it!
    Thanks for sharing at Pinkalicious Thursday!


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