Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day - Thrifting Style

It has been a busy week here. We decided to have a low-key Valentine's Day although my Dear Handyman does tend to spoil me all year long.

The weekend before Valentine's Day he took me to the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena. It was awesome and the weather was perfect.
We only walked about a third of the flea market before we were too exhausted to keep going. Since we live relatively close to the Rose Bowl we can always come back the following month for more discoveries.

I am trying to only purchase the things that I want for my personal collection. I was thrilled to find another vintage glove mold. It is the one laying down in front. It was just slightly too tall for the shelf. I need to adjust the shelves but for right now it will lay flat.

That was the weekend before Valentine's Day. On Valentine's Day Dear Handyman had to work but afterwards we had crab legs for dinner to celebrate. Awesome!
Then today we spent the day at the Long Beach Antique Market. Another beautiful weekend although it got a little hot later in the day. Here is Dear Handyman checking out a fun little car with the back of Veteran's Stadium in the background. We walked about half of this flea market before the heat got to us. Again, this is relatively close to us so we can always come back next month.
I kept finding unique Pyrex bowls but I didn't buy them. I don't want to start a collection at full retail prices. The one thing I did buy was an industrial stage light fixture. I have been looking for a small one for almost three years. I had found an Otto Engineering Co. surveyor's tripod at an estate sale and always wanted to use it as a lamp base. We saw this light fixture and knew it would work together.
Just one more project for Dear Handyman.

Hope everyone had an wonderful Valentine's Day weekend. And please check out my Stuff to Treasure store for wonderful vintage items.

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