Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thrifting Before the Storm

It rained hard yesterday. Well, at least it was hard by California standards. Luckily we got some thrifting in before it started although one seller didn't expect any "die hards" to show up... HA!

My favorite find was this super sweet Tom Thumb metal typewriter in its original box. Love the vintage color. Love the sturdy metal construction. Such an exciting, cool find.
We found several other nice vintage toys. This is a working Lite-Brite probably from the early 80s before they had UPC bars. This also had an original box, tons of pegs and newer picture refill packs.
And we found an even more vintage Fisher-Price Toot Toot Train pull toy with a wooden body.
You hear about people who never throw away anything. We found "Bob Pins" {I just realized where the common name of "Bobby Pins" came from} that must have been from the 40s with an illustration of a woman wearing a fashionable "bob" hairstyle. I love the brand name "Scoldy Lox". There is also a package of "bead cord" to restring your "flapper beads".
The last thing we found was another Holiday Thermos {shorter one in the photo below} and a Rex {Rexall Drugs} Thermos. They will be a part of a holiday vintage vignette.
Last year, I bought a white artificial tree at an After Christmas sale. I've never had an artificial tree before. I reasoned that since I believe in thrifty living then I should not keep spending tons of money on live trees every Christmas. And back in the 60s, the artificial metallic trees were probably considered tacky but are now so cool. So I bought the cheapest white tree I could find. It was all of $10 and I didn't have any idea of what it would look like when I set it up this year.

I have to say that as an artificial tree novice, I really like the fact that my artificial tree celebrates the fact that it is a fake tree. It isn't pretending to be anything but a cheap, white, fake tree. If it were a green tree then I would expect it to look like a real tree which would be disappointing.

Having said all of this, we finally put up my cheap white tree and decorated it with my vintage ornaments. I love this tree! It looks like frothy icing sprinkled with shiny candy bits.
And speaking of vintage ornaments. I have two glass ornaments that someone had written a date of 1915 on them. Amazing to think that something made of glass during World War I could have lasted almost 100 years to be on my tree! 

Hope everyone had a fun day of thrifting. I will try to get some of these items posted in my store


  1. I have a vintage aluminum tree and I LOVE it! It is as artificial as an artificial tree can get but it is gorgeous and sparkles like crazy when the afternoon sun comes in my front window. I can't get enough of it! If I had more room, I'd love to have a white tree too. I think vintage ornaments show off so well on a white tree--even better than on a green or a silver tree. I did see some white fake garland at the craft store this year and I'm tempted to make myself a garland with vintage ornies since I don't have room for an extra tree.

  2. Ooooh! A vintage aluminum tree is on my Thrifting Wish List. Hope you make that garland with vintage ornaments. There are so many ways to display beautiful vintage ornaments. Thanks for commenting.


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