Saturday, March 16, 2013

Simple Life of Thrifting

I have been trying to simplify my life lately. I've begun by trying to quiet my thoughts. I tried to thrift only things that complimented what I already had or that peaked my curiousity.

My favorite find was a small apothecary bottle with glass stopper, a Ball jar with glass insert and pink Mercury glass spikes. I have never seen a glass insert for a Ball jar lid before.
We found two cigar boxes filled with tintype photos, old photo cabinet cards and some old foreign money.
I picked up a few pretty hankies and an old red bandanna.
More Pyrex with lids plus an extra lid.
Another really cute Nancy Ann {Hollywood Doll?} dressed in a Dutch outfit.
We also found an old 1943 hand-written diary, some old maps and some vintage children's books with fun illustrations.
So far, this has been a low-stress weekend of thrifting. Maybe quieting my thoughts has opened up opportunities for more good things to come into my life. Now I just need to add more items into my Stuff to Treasure store.

Hope everyone had a great day of thrifting.


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