Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Sneaks Up on Me Every Year

I know that Christmas comes at the same time every year and you would think one could plan and prepare months in advance. I suppose there are many people who are well prepared for the holidays... I am just not one of them. But in my defense this is the busiest time of the year for my work {I just went to a press check yesterday for Tim Holtz's catalog} and this particular year I received some rush freelance projects that have taken up all of my free time.

Between freelancing and holiday preparations I finally found some time to go to one estate sale. It was the second day of the sale but I did find a few nice crafting supplies and a nice vintage Christmas treasure.

My favorite find is this vintage cardboard Santa once given as a promotional item by Richfield gas stations probably back in the 60s. This paper ornament has survived in great condition.
Another fun find was a jar filled with vintage bells. They definitely have a nicer sound than modern bells.
I also bought a jar of sequins. I wasn't sure of what I would do with them except that I've seen many lovely ones used on an old bottlebrush trees. I also found a container of sequin pins. I didn't even know that there were special pins that are used with sequins.
These are two pairs of old paper foil wings. I think they would look great used in a collage.
The final item I found was a box of old, metal sewing bobbins. I like metal bobbins better than the modern plastic version.
It wasn't a very large find but it was definitely a very colorful selection. Now I must get back to working on my freelancing and wrapping some presents.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day of treasure hunting.


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