Saturday, November 12, 2011

Happy Thrifting Day

After surviving a case of the Thrifting Withdrawls, I wasn't going to let the threat of rain nor a cancelled holiday deter me from having a Happy Thrifting Day.

This toy stove isn't in great condition but I never had a Suzy Homemaker stove when I was a kid. In fact, I never even knew there was actually a toy by this name although I had always heard the term "Little Suzy Homemaker". I always thought of Easy Bake Ovens when I thought of toy ovens. So, because the price was so cheap, I just had to bring this home. Plus I loved the colors of the knobs which sounds rather silly. This lovely little stove is 12.5" wide x18.5" tall x 11" deep.

My favorite find of the day was this box of uncirculated, foreign stamps. I think I'm becoming a stamp collector. I also bought a U.S. stamp collector book from 1979 at this same sale so I am guessing that these stamps are from around that time. These appear to be originally purchased from a stamp dealer because they are all neatly priced and marked.

I also found a Kewpie doll. I don't think it is very old but I just like the look of them. This is the third doll that I've bought from an estate sale so I hope this doesn't mean that I am starting a doll collection.

These two booklets were probably printed in the 1920s for Dr. Miles' Nervine tablets and Alka-Seltzer. The advertisements are funny. Some of the ad headlines for the Nervine pills {nerve pills} are "She couldn't stand to hear the phone ring... " because her nerves were on edge. Or: "He used to throw dishes at his nurse" because he was so irritable. Or my favorite headline: "Is it nerves or are you a natural grouch?" Another ad suggested that you "snuff Alka-Seltzer" to clear up a cold.

I found an Erector set in a metal case. This set even has an electric motor.

I also bought this old Monopoly set. The box is in poor condition but I just wanted the game pieces for a project.

I can safely say that I am fully recovered from my Thrifting Withdrawls. I hope everyone had a good thrifting day.

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  1. WAUW!!! - really cool items!

    How big is the stove? I love the knobs too. I know exactly what you mean!

    Have a great weekend, Lynda...

    Greetings from Denmark //Lisbet ♥

  2. Love your finds...especially the cute stove!!

  3. Ahh! That is the cutest little oven in the world. I'd have taken it home too.
    <3 Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting!

  4. That kind of a score will certainly cure the thrifting withdrawals! Wowzer! I bet looking through the old stamps will be fun and I always enjoy looking through old magazines and advertising materials. The old Monopoly game is indeed very cool.

  5. I cannot believe that I have two of the items you found from my childhood (my Mother saved everything)...the stove and the cupid doll! Thanx for sharing your finds. Visit me sometimes. Tiff

  6. know that stove would TOTALLY match my kitchen, right? If I moved all my recent "finds" and 4 boxes of old finds,...I bet I could squeeze that in my kitchen somewhere.
    I soooo know that phrase 'I guess I am collecting ______ now.' You have no idea how often that thought enters my mind.

  7. I would have bought the game for the pieces too - old ones are neat. Love the stove too!!

  8. That stove is fantastic. I have never seen it before and wish I had it when I was a little girl. I love stamps, to me that probably is the best score. So many things to do with them as well as collect them. Oh and I recently foudn the same Monopoly. Still in a box I haven't gone through yet from my thrifting adventures. You really found some awesome things.
    Karen G

  9. Your Suzy Homemaker kitchen is AMAAAAAZINNNG! Awesome find! Saw this via the Flea Market link-up...thanks for sharing. XO, Kate


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