Saturday, April 20, 2013

Nice People + Nice Prices = Oh Happy Day!

We had a surprisingly nice thing happen this morning as we were waiting for an estate sale to start. We were sitting in our car since we were so early and another car full of people pulled up. Then a third person pulled up and the driver started a sign-up list. I assumed that she put her name first then she went to the car full of people and then brought the list over to us. Well not only did she leave space for us to be the first two on the list, the people in the other car also told her that we were there first.

Wonderfully nice and honest people! Awesome!!! Then to make things even better, the seller gave us a really low price on everything. And if this wasn't good enough, we stopped at a sale that was just about to end and the seller said that we could have anything we wanted for free. Oh happy day!

So here are some of the treasures we found. I love these perfectly shabby old silk flowers.

I was excited to find these old, Victorian Frozen Charlotte dolls. They are from the estate of an antiques dealer so I believe they are the real old one.
I found a box full of aquarium gravel and just the top of the blue mermaid sticking out of it. I dug through the gravel and found all of the other aquarium ornaments buried beneath. The blue mermaid is really unique because her mouth is open like she is singing and she is playing a Bass instrument. Also in the front right corner is a small dog house aquarium ornament. This seemed like an odd subject for an aquarium piece. Finding all of these was like digging for buried treasure and discovering an instant collection .
We found some unique chandelier crystals, an old bottle marked "Nippon" and some silver tinsel ribbon. I collect chandelier crystals and I'm pretty sure I don't have a few of these styles. 

We found several glass items. I like old science glass pieces so I picked up this beaker below. The cup is by the Federal Glass Co. in the Patrician Spoke pattern. The red vase/candle holder is Italian. And the other glass piece is from an outdoor light fixture that has gone a soft purple color. 

We also picked up a Maydwell milk glass insulator, a red Anchor Hocking nut chopper and a red plaid Thermos bottle.
I would love to make some terrariums with these drum-style vintage fish bowls.
We found a bag with several mother-of-pearl buckles, some carded buttons that say they are made from Catalin and a jar filled with colorful vintage buttons. I can't wait to sort the buttons.
I have been cleaning and sorting and researching so many of these treasures. What a wonderfully fun day. Nice people make me happy! Thank you nice people!

Slowly but sure I will keep adding pieces to my Stuff to Treasure store. I hope everyone had a wonderful day of thrifting.

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  1. Don't know if you know this but catalin is bakelite. So those are some pretty fabulous buttons. Great finds!

  2. Wow! You have some great finds. I love the old not chopper. Remindds me of my grandmothers.
    Thanks for sharing at Restyled Sundays.


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