Saturday, April 27, 2013

Frustrating Free Friday Finds

I took Friday off from work because there were some really great estate sales and I had so many vacation days that I thought I should use one and I just wanted some time to relax.

It turned out to be a wee bit frustrating but I'm really not complaining because I did have a Friday off and I did get a chance to relax a bit. It was frustrating because there was only one of me and three things that I wanted at the first sale. I couldn't decide which one piece I absolutely had to have. I made my choice and lost out on the other two. I guess I did okay because I did get at least one piece.

Here is the beauty that I found. This is a heavy, vintage square cake stand by Indiana Glass in the Constellation pattern. Perfect condition, love it!
Next I went to a sale that had been open for two hours before I got there. I didn't know what to expect but I did snag a bag full of treasures. My favorite find were these Shiny Brites and Poland glass ornaments. Some were beautifully faded to shabby shades of pink, green, silver and blue and others were bright.
Then there were some orange, Poland ornaments that are slightly squat and not perfectly round. They reminded me of pumpkins. Perhaps these were meant as Halloween ornaments. I think a little more research is needed here.
I found a bunch of vintage ceramic Christmas pieces. I had pinned an image of little Santa mugs on my Pinterest board and thought it would make a cute display.
I found several vintage corsages and saw them as perfect gift wrapping accents in place of a regular bow.
Found a lot of small vintage craft supplies.
The last item I found were these four square wire hangers. They are regular wire hanger size except they are square instead of triangular. They can be used as a hand towel holder or vintage linen display. Anyone know what these were originally used for?
Since I spent my thrifting allowance on Friday I am now relaxing on Saturday although I feel an urge to check out more sales. Looking back at everything that I found, I guess I don't really feel frustrated. I had a fun free Friday. I hope everyone had a great day of thrifting!

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  2. I did a little sluething and some dry cleaners used those big hangers for drapes. Some of the ones I saw called Adjust-a-drape had wooden pieces and they touted theirs as the ones that kept the folds the most even!

    You got some great things - the cake plate is gorgeous and love all the vintage christmas!

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  3. I love the cake plate, I haven't found a square one yet nut I am hoping that eventually I will. Great vintage Christmas stuff too!

  4. Nice finds... especially the lovely cake stand. Glad you had a fun Friday!

  5. Love the cake plate! Read through your comments because I was curious about the square hangers! Love the snowman picks and santa mugs too.

  6. I found a couple of vases by Indiana Glass, I had never heard of it before,and now I see your cake plate, very nice!!

    I'm your newest follower!

  7. I am curious about the 2 things you lost out on at the 1st sale?? :) Mary


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