Saturday, April 13, 2013

Thrifting - A Catch and Release Story

I have mixed emotions about my thrifting adventures today. I found an awesome treasure but I had to let it go. More on that story at the end of this post.

I found a petite glass cupcake stand. It is only 6" across the top. Also found another vintage knee-hugger elf. The small stand makes the elf look huge!
My favorite find was this awesome 1938 Toastmaster toaster. I plugged it in and it works! Love the chrome and Bakelite.
Found some old film reels that would make great clocks or other projects.
I love old Dymo label makers and I found one in the original box.
I think these are shoe maker molds instead of shoe stretchers. One is shaped for a high-heeled shoe. Both have nail holes in them which makes me believe they were used to design shoes. They both have a rich patina that is really pretty.
Now to my "Catch and Release" story. I found a great vintage Toledo candy scale at an estate sale today. It was so amazing but was marked $100. Then the seller said that it was half price so $50 and this treasure could be mine. I stood there transfixed because I wanted it so badly. The problem was that it probably weighed about 20 pounds so realistically I could sell it for local pick up only. Or the other option would be to keep it for myself. I could not justify keeping it so I had to walk away and let it go. I don't think I will have any serious regrets but it will be one of those stories about the "one that got away".

Hope everyone had a great day of thrifting. Most of these treasures will be posted in my Stuff to Treasure Store soon. Anyone else ever find something they couldn't justify keeping for themselves?

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  1. So sad about the candy scale:-( But great scores on everything else. I especially love that little kneehugger. He looks so cute perched on that stand.


  2. hard to walk away--but then being resellers knowing when to walk away is important and HARD to do


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