Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Racing Family Weekend

We didn't get to do much thrifting this weekend because it was my son's first official race with his Competition License. It is getting much more exciting and much more expensive but I couldn't be more proud of him. Since the day he could actually hold something in his hand, he has always loved cars. And thanks to the additional love and support of Dear Handyman {a total motor-head himself}, my son has the opportunity to chase his dream.

It was all worth it because this was his first competitive race and the Rookie won third place! Now he's holding a trophy instead of toy cars!
But to get that trophy we had a few sacrifices. Anyone who has gotten up early to go to an estate sale knows what it's like to give up the opportunity to sleep in on a weekend morning. In our case, we were actually in the pits before the sun was up.
Early morning and the Boys were busy prepping the car. Yes it was cold.
There's my race car and driver on the track!
Prepping for another qualifying race back in the pits.
And out again.
I may have missed out on some amazing thrifting opportunities this past weekend but I was a part of some magic instead. When someone is realizing their dream then it is truly an awesome experience to be a part of that.

It was an exciting weekend and we were all very tired on the long drive home.

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