Monday, October 25, 2010

Bleach Stamping

Today I Created | A Bleached-Stamped T-Shirt

Two things I know about bleach: 1) It can ruin your clothes if you spill it and 2) It is a liquid.

The reason I mention these two points is because I began to wonder if you could "rubber stamp" with bleach, sort of a "reverse rubber stamp" by removing color rather than applying color.

First I die cut the Decorative Accent and Elegant Flourishes shapes out of adhesive craft foam and mounted them to a piece of acrylic. This created the "rubber stamp". I also used the Accent die to cut an extra piece of adhesive-backed t-shirt fabric.

Next I poured bleach onto a paper towel in a shallow dish to use as the "stamping pad".

I had a pre-washed t-shirt with a layer of aluminum foil and paper towels inside so nothing would soak through. I then stamped the bleach onto the flat t-shirt. I found that the color lightens as it dries.

After the bleach dried I used acrylic paint on the same foam stamp and printed on the shirt. I sewed on the extra fabric die cut shape as an accent. Finally I sewed random stitches on top of everything to add some detail.

Things I learned from this: 1) bleach can be a unique and unpredictable art medium and 2) bleach does not affect adhesive craft foam so you can use it for other projects.

Additional Note: I wore this t-shirt as my workplace Halloween costume. I was a "Tim Holtz Grunge Groupie". Please see my post on October 28th to find the unexpected result of my costume choice.

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