Saturday, January 5, 2013

Just One of Those Days

Has anyone else had this happen to them?...

You wake up early on a Saturday morning, hit the road in anticipation of a great day of thrifting, find yourself the first one in line at the sale... and then find NOTHING worth buying!

Well, not exactly "nothing". I found a nice vintage glass juicer but it was way too expensive and had a slight chip. There were also some great old gears but the seller said that a collector would pay top dollar for these so he would not come down in price since I only wanted them as art parts. So the only thing I bought was an old wooden ruler.

I did finally buy a few odds and ends at a garage sale but even there, the seller said that someone had offered her way more for items than what I was willing to pay. So I just bought the few bits for crafting purposes.

Since it was such a slow thrifting day, I thought I would share a photo that I took while driving over the Gerald Desmond bridge near Long Beach, CA. This bridge spans the Port of Los Angeles with views of Rancho Palos Verde in the distance. This was taken just as the sun was rising.
Here are the few crafting bits that I found. I do like the measuring tape. It was a promotional piece from American Motors in 1968. I like that it is so Americana: red, white and blue.
The seller said that this was an old tinsel garland. 
I hope everyone had a fun day of thrifting.


  1. The photo is gorgeous!

    I've been noticing this upward trend in prices at estate sales for some time here. It used to be one could buy stuff for so cheap here in the midwest, but now everything is compared to eBay and priced accordingly.

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL photo from the bridge...! WAUW!

    The items you found are great! I'd feel lucky if I'd ONLY find those ones. But... I do now the feeling! :-)

    Have a great Sunday, Lynda...

    *SMILES* from Denmark //Lisbet


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