Saturday, October 29, 2011

Short and Sweet Thrifting Day

Since we had a special birthday party to attend midday, we rushed through only two sales. Two things I learned today: 1) sometimes being the first person to a sale means that the seller hasn't realized yet that their prices are too high and 2) double check the start time of an estate sale because it isn't fun to show up late.

We found some amazing things at the first sale but the seller was asking antique store prices for garage sale items. The selection was good but we had to pass on everything.

Since {I thought} the second sale was at 9 am, we decided to stop for breakfast. When we got to the second sale there was a short line so I thought we were early. Well, we were actually late because the sale started at 8. Oh well...

We found two nice Pyrex Butterfield refridgerator dishes. I love the turquoise color.

I also found a vintage mirror tray with ornate metal edges. I plan to alter it a bit. While looking for a place to shoot the photograph I forgot that I now have a curious puppy who had to come and investigate this strange new object.

Hope everyone had a great thrifting day.

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  1. Great finds! Love the pyrex! I found an old book (1915 copy of Pollyanna Grows Up) and a pretty vintage apron. Enjoy your goodies!

  2. Cute Butterprints! I literally just blogged about my Butterprint fridgies. Such a pretty turquoise indeed. :)


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