Saturday, October 22, 2011

Awesome Third-Hand Treasure!

Last week I happened to look on and saw a precious dog that had the same facial expressions as my Haley who had passed earlier this year. Well today was my Doggie Gotcha Day when the rescue group brought me Carly, the bestest third-hand treasure.

Her mother had been rescued right after she had pups. And one of those pups, Carly, was then adopted by a family. That family couldn't keep her so she was returned to the rescue group. And it is through this wonderful rescue group that I was able to find and adopt such a perfect adult dog.
She has claimed her spot on the couch. We are still learning to communicate but she is fitting in quite nicely.

We were also able to sneak in a few garage sales this morning. My favorite find was a bag full of ephemera.
There were about 25 vintage Valentine cards. 

 And nine Cigar box labels.

And five Cigarette Cards with movie stars. Plus an old fold-out postcard from The Territory of Hawaii sent in 1942 during World War II. 

I also found a sweet, vintage Mother Goose book with lovely illustrations.

What a great day! I love the sound of a dog walking across the floor again and the gentle nudge of a cold nose. If only I could rescue more dogs. Adult dogs are so much easier to adopt. They are usually housetrained and well-behaved if you pick them right. Welcome Carly!

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  1. Congrats on the new addition to your home!

  2. Carly is beautiful, Lynda! Congratulations!


  3. I am sooo happy that your dog has found her forever home.

    The things you found at garage sales are incredible! I find those types of things only at flea markets or antique shops. Good going!

  4. Dogs are great! So glad you have Carly in your lives now.

    You found some super cool stuff! I think those Valentines are my favorites, but the cigar box labels and cigarette cards are also very cool.

  5. cool finds - especially the sweet little cards

  6. oh we love to adopt older dogs too--only ever had one that was too far gone to help-severely abused poor girl--anyway your finds are LOVELY especially the valentines!


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