Monday, November 7, 2011

Rainstorms, Racecars and Thrifting Withdrawls

My son had another driving event this past weekend. I'm really proud of his driving skills and enjoy supporting him but it also means that I don't have time to go to any estate sales. The stormy weather and dark evenings don't help either. I think I'm having Thrifting Withdrawls.

To ease my withdrawl symptoms, I decided to rearrange some of my thrifted treasures only to find that I had several treasures that I never posted. So to make myself feel a little better here are a few items I found but forgot to share.

I love collecting world globes and this one is no exception. The wooden base was probably designed to hold papers on a desk. The surface has raised topographical features. This globe must be from before 1989 because it still shows the Country of Burma.

I don't think that this metal, deer-head bowl is silver but it will look really nice as a Christmas centerpiece. The bowl is hammered metal.

I found this vintage, glass, salad serving set. I like the feel of vintage glass. It feels so much better than something made of plastic. This is the Candlewick pattern by the Imperial Glass company.

I spent the entire weekend surrounded by lots of fast cars and people who drive them. On top of all of this, we were caught under a rather small tent in some very wet weather. You can see the threatening skies which dropped a lot of rain on us about 10 minutes after I took this photo. Oh the things we do to support our children's dreams!
It was quite a weekend. Hopefully I will have a chance to do some thrifting this upcoming weekend.

Please be sure to visit my Stuff to Treasure store where I have some of these items and a lot more listed for sale.


  1. Thrifting withdrawel is tough to go through. Sometimes it makes me think I should switch to "breaking and entering."

  2. Hi Lynda - Long time noo see. Hope everything is just fine in CA?

    Love the Globe. Is Germany (Europe) in two parts, West and East?

    The Deer bowl would be a BIG HIT here i Denmark these days. Everything with antlers... :-D

    Greetings from DK //Lisbet ♥

  3. I know the feeling of thrifting withdrawal. Not fun.
    I love the deer-head bowl, very cool!

  4. Hi! I'm Melissa from I'm contacting you to let you know that I've chosen you and 14 others to receive the "Versatile Blogger Award". You have been featured on my blog and named as a recipient. This award is passed from blogger to blogger as recognition for their hard work and ingenuity. I was awarded it a week or so ago, and now I've passed it on to you.

  5. Hi Lisbet - Everything is fine here in CA just really busy with car races, a new dog and extra busy at work. In answer to your question, yes, Germany is in two parts on this world globe. I love trying to determine the approximate age of a globe by the changes in political boundaries.

    Thanks for commenting. Hope all is well in Denmark.


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