Saturday, January 8, 2011

First 2011 Estate Sale

We discovered a resale estate sale. I thought the new year would start off slowly but I found some really nice treasures.

There is nothing like a lime green aluminum pitcher to immediately attract your attention. I have seen aluminum cups in bright colors but I've never seen a pitcher. The photo does not convey the true green color. This is a Norben Ware pitcher which I hope does not get me started collecting matching cups.

This is an interesting 1962 atlas that states "Space Age World Atlas" and "Earth... as seen by the astronauts". I loved the image of the astronaut in the bright neon colors of the 60s. The "Space Age" began approximately five years before this atlas was printed. In 1962 only about 22 United States astronauts had ever been in space and it wasn't until seven years later that man first walked on the Moon. Space exploration was very new and exciting when this atlas was printed.

I was attracted to these copper/brass measuring cups because of their color and their heavy weight. They seemed old because newer copper measuring cups wouldn't weigh as much as this set. The copper finished just looked pretty. I seem to be starting a collection of measuring cups since this is an addition to my previous treasure find.

This Federal Star glass juice pitcher looked so cute with its petite size and the star on the bottom.

I found quite a few of these Swedish tartlet molds. I liked their shape and saw a lot of crafting potential in them. I plan to use the heart-shaped molds for some Valentine projects. Click here to see some finished projects using the Heart Tartlet pans.

One can always find a use for red floral picks. These will be set aside for future Christmas projects.

And then there were the old Christmas ornaments. Oh how I love old ornaments! These first two have a unique round shape protruding at the bottom. The pink ornament also has three indented shapes around it.

These gold deer ornaments have a concave side with a plastic deer and snow set inside. The ornament is marked "Japan".

The gold ornament below is a teardrop shape and is marked "Poland".
This last photo is of tiny Shiny Brite ornaments. These are perfect for my vintage plastic Christmas tree.

Sorry, I forgot to reveal the best part that made this such a fun and thrifty treasure hunt. Everything was at half-price so I got all of this for about $25 which also included sales tax.

2011 has started off with some very good thrifty treasure hunting.

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  1. Awesome! Now, you do have to tell us how much you paid for it! That's the best part, hearing the deal you scored! ;)

  2. I love all these finds! I have the same star pitcher, now I know what it's called. It's perfect to serve iced mint tea in the summer :)

  3. I had gotten away from telling what I paid for things, thinking I would be getting more into reselling and assuming my blog readers might be my only customers. But we really do cheer for other bloggers and their great finds.
    The ornaments are just like the ones my mother still puts on her tree every year, so from the 50s and 60s.

  4. Those ornaments are lovely and I really like the pitcher. I would be tempted to get the cups to go along with it. :)

  5. Oh my heck, these are some great finds. I love the vintage ornaments.

  6. I love the vintage deer Christmas ornament--I've never seen one like it!

  7. Absolutely I want to hear the prices! It is educational. Besides if you want to buy the item from the person do you really care how much they paid? They made the effort, found it, and listed it, they deserve to make a profit.

  8. Yes, I think you have started off the new year right!! I really like the ornament with the plastic reindeer in it.
    The Tattered Tassel

  9. You really got some great finds. I especially love the aluminum pitcher.

  10. Wow, you found some real treasures there!! Loving the Christmas ornaments and the glass pitcher!


  11. I am so delighted with the comments here. To be honest, I started off thinking like dogsmom's comment above (that I might eventually sell some of this stuff so maybe I shouldn't give out the prices) but also like dogsmom I get a thrill when I hear about the great prices that people pay for items.

    So, as Tocutedobs said, it is educational and also I would expect the seller to make a profit as well.

    Again, I am thankful for all of these comments because I didn't have a clue. And I am seriously considering selling some of these treasures. I will have to make the decision soon because I'm running out of display space.

    P.s. Thrifters are such nice people.

  12. I just love those Shiny Brite ornaments! I've seen them at antique shops around here.

  13. I love the ornaments and the little pitcher. Great finds for sure! Happy VTT!

  14. What great finds to start the new year off right! The ornaments are so nice and I can remember my grandmother had a little pitcher like that. Come to think of it, the ornament type are very familiar too.

  15. Very cool finds at the estate sale! Makes me want to go back to the thrift store and buy those Shiny Brite ornaments I put back on the shelf (but they're probably gone by now).

  16. ALL are wonderful finds...the shiny brites and the aluminum pitcher both got my rapt attention :)


  17. Gorgeous ornaments! Love the one with the deer.

  18. LUSTING after the Christmas ornaments-I love them!! <3


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