Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vintage Bookcover

Today I Created | A vintage-looking bookcover

I saw an awesome notebook at PB that had a collage of vintage images and was inspired to create something similar. I began by creating a collage of several images from the Graphics Fairy and decided to use it to create my own vintage looking bookcover.

I only have an 8.5" x 11" printer so the paper size was limited. I was able to select the option of having the image print to the edge of the paper so the finished piece was truly 8.5" x 11". This was important because this creates a very small bookcover at best.

I grabbed every small hardback book I had but all of them were too large to be covered by one sheet of paper. As a last resort I pulled out an old paperback and decided to just cover that if it would fit.

Luckily it fit perfectly. And not only that, it gave the paperback book a vintage look. Eventually I would love to cover different sized books but until then I can enjoy some inexpensive paperbacks that just look expensive.

All of the images are from the Graphics Fairy except for the postage stamps and the postcard of the Tower Bridge which are from my personal collection.

This is linked to The Graphics FairyLovely Crafty HomeUnder the Table and Dreaming and The Shabby Nest.


  1. I love your design. I have done this with scrapbooking paper and to make a larger version, I use three pages. One for the back, one for the front and one for the spine. I then use clear packing tape to join the papers.

  2. So pretty! Graphics Fairy has such great stuff and you really put together something neat :) Would you stop by and share at my linky party going on today?

  3. I love that typewriter image--I just printed it off this week for a project! The book looks great...

  4. Wonderful! I have 3 small photo albums that I keep right by me. They would looks so cool. Thanks for the inspiration.

    come visit

  5. Such a great idea - fabulous inspiration! Maybe I can use my ugly paperbacks to decorate, if I use your technique. Thanks!

  6. This is awesome! you have a new follower!


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