Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tight Quarters and Fat Quarters

I recently became the owner of a really big pick up truck. It is huge! My neighbor installs drywall and this was his work truck. The engine was broken so he sold it to my son for a fraction of its worth. My son installed a new engine and suddenly I own a really big pick up truck. The problem is trying to drive that truck to garage sales on very narrow streets. Luckily my son offered to drive me in his compact car. This was a good thing since we came across some very tight quarters which I am convinced the truck would not have fit through.

My favorite thrift find today was a stack of Fat Quarters. This is a term for a quarter of a yard of fabric used for quilting. This is all new fabric but the patterns are based on old flour sack aprons. I've recently designed some quilt die packaging so I'm inspired to try some sewing projects.
I also found some vintage buttons including a set of old porcelain buttons with paintings depicting the  Mary Had a Little Lamb nursery rhyme.
This is a sweet little hankie with dangling cherries on each corner. 
The last thing I found were these two charming "Bellhop" keys for American Tourister suitcases.
I hope everyone had a great day thrifting. I can't wait to start sewing some fabric projects!


  1. Love the patterns of those fabrics. Thank you for explaining what a "fat quarter" means. I should have figured it out as I was searching for a package at Hobby Lobby today and no one could tell me how large the pieces were! Can you tell me the name of the company who manufactures these flour sack patterns? Love those buttons!

    1. Hi Donna,
      Thank you for your comment. I believe these fabrics are from a site called


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